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Toby Martyn Victory in Chambery

Wednesday January 10, 2024 at 10:52am
Toby Martyn Victory in Chambery

Despite a challenging previous season marked by a severe back injury, Toby Martyn showcased resilience and skill at the first event of 2024 at an international cup indoor in Chambéry. Securing second place in the initial rounds, he faced off against the 34-time world champion Toni Bou in a thrilling super final.

It is the tremor of this beginning of the season, Toby Martyn wins in front of Toni Bou in Chambéry in a packed room and with an atmosphere of fire.

This Saturday night was the start of the Trial Indoor season in Chambéry. The 8 pilots clashed in front of 4,000 spectators. A full room and an incredible atmosphere as every year at the Lighthouse.

While many people expected Toni Bou to impose himself easily in Chambéry, Toby Martyn won with simply exceptional leadership.

In the first round Toni and Toby were already at the forefront with scores of 6 and 7 points. In third place, author of a very good evening we find the Norwegian Sondre Haga with 11 points. In fourth place Frenchman Gael Chatagno with his 13-point Electric Motion. Then Benoit Bincaz 20, Hugo Dufrese 23, Teo Colairo 25, Billy Green 25.

Before the intermission, the Aurélien Fontenoy, Nathan Charra and Robin Berchiatti T-VTTists set fire to the runway.

In the Sprint Round, Toni won a large margin with a total of 1 min 23 to cross all three zones and with no penalty. Behind we find Toby Martyn again with 2min20 (total time plus time penalties) then Benoit Bincaz 2min48, Gael Chatagno 2min58, Sondre Haga 3min05, Billy Green 3min47, Teo Colairo 4min38 and Hugo Dufresese 5min02.

For this round a new format was tested with a final composed of 4 drivers, and after 3 zones the 2 least ranked drivers are eliminated to give way to a Super Final on 2 zones.

The four drivers in the final were Toni Bou, Toby Martyn, Gael Chatagno, Sondre Haga.

The difference in this first part of the final was in zone 2 as only Toni and Toby managed to cross the area.

Gael thanks to a better result than Sondre Haga on the other two areas finished in the third step of the podium. We would like to highlight its excellent evening and its effectiveness in the areas with its Electric Motion.

In the Super Final, the two areas chosen could not split the two Montesa drivers as they crossed them without penalty despite the great difficulty of the two sections.

In a tie-break section where only Toni had excelled previously, Toby's flawless performance earned him his first-ever indoor victory, triumphing over the legendary Toni Bou when Bou put down a motor crankcase earning a penalty.

Toby Martyn won in Chambéry taking his first great surprise of the beginning of the season.

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