Local Authority Support Unit (LASU)

The ACU Local Authority Support Unit (LASU) was launched in January 2005 with funding support from Motorsport Development UK (MDUK). Its remit is to offer assistance to Local Authorities, Police Forces and other interested parties who are experiencing problems as a result of illegal off road motorcycling.

The main issue facing Local Authorities are the social disruption and safety concerns caused by the inappropriate and often illegal use of motorcycles in public areas. These problems have been exacerbated by the effects of increased popularity for the activity coupled with a lack of provision throughout the country. Local Authorities, Police Forces and communities are faced with two options to deal with the problem:

  1. Police the issue away with enforcement
  2. Organise well planned provision, with targeted enforcement

The first option, policing the issue, is often seen as the best solution but has, in the past, simply moved the problem elsewhere, only to see it return to a community over time.
LASU believes that providing a legal and safe place to ride with targeted enforcement is the best solution. Where LASU has established provision for minimotos, there has been a significant drop in the number of complaints received regarding illegal minimoto use.

By contacting LASU, Local Authorities and Police Forces have access to professional assistance to identify the type of problem, its size, nature and location as well as receiving help to create a workable solution.

For off road problems, LASU can provide assistance with the following issues:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Land Access and Planning
  • Course and Venue Design
  • Insurance
  • Environmental Issues
  • Noise Monitoring and Testing
  • Training of Officials, Marshals and Instructors
  • Codes of Best Practice
  • Creating Community Projects
  • Practice Tracks

To help Local Authorities and Police Forces to provide safe and legal riding for minimotos, LASU has written a set of guidelines that will enable them to create a LASU Registered Recreational Mini Bike Club on a piece of available tarmac.

The Guidance includes advice on:

  • Health and Safety
  • Child Protection
  • First Aid
  • Training for Clerks of the Course, Marshals and Instructors
  • Running a Mini Bike Session

The mechanism LASU can deliver is extremely cost effective when compared to costs incurred by Local Authorities and Police Forces in enforcement. In addition, it provides young people with a chance to enjoy their motorcycling in a controlled environment, safe from prosecution and bike seizure.

For more information on Off Road Provision or Mini Moto Recreational Club Guidelines, please contact LASU personnel as follows:

Secretary: Maathew Wear Tel: 01788 566434 e-mail: matthew@acu.org.uk


  • Bromley Beacon Academy, Kent, contact Daniel Matellis. Tel: 07904 590608 
  • Bridge Centre Project, East Lothian. Tel: 01620 829817
  • MX Challenge Project, Dover. Tel: 01304 202244
    Trax, Oxford

ACU Off Road Guidelines

As part of the ongoing development of the ACU Off Road Guidelines an updated edition has been published. These changes although minor, reflect the ongoing consultation between the Industry, Local Authorities and the Health and Safety Executive. Please check this website regulary for further updates and for more information contact the ACU on 01788 566400 or admin@acu.org.uk
The Guidelines 

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