Starting Motocross

What is Motocross?

Motocross is a high profile, glamorous and high octane sport enjoyed by thousands of competitors throughout the year predominantly from March to October. ACU Motocross events take place on purpose built off-road tracks with spectacular jumps and fast corners. Motocross races generally last between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the level of the event, ranging from youth events to professional races.

What other forms of Motocross Racing are there?  

Other forms of Motocross racing are:

  • QuadCross is accessible from the age of 7 years old in Youth Quad events with classes for all ages up to the Adult class.
  • SidecarCross is a three wheeled form of Motocross where rider and passenger race together as a team. You can start racing Sidecars from 15 years old.
  • Mini Bike racing is a smaller version of Motocross and is accessible from 6 years in the Youth Mini Bike class and all the way up to Adult classes.

Is there a class for me?

If you are 6 years old or over and ride a motocross bike from a 50cc all the way up to a 500cc then there is a class for you, no matter whether you are male or female. Schoolboy racing sees riders grouped together depending on their age, i.e.:

  • 6-8 years for 50cc Autos,
  • 7-10 years for 65cc,
  • 9-12 years for 85cc Small Wheels,
  • 11-14 years for 85cc Big Wheels and
  • 13-17 years for the 125cc 2-stroke only class and
  • 14 -17 years for 125cc 2-stroke/250cc 4 stroke classes.

Adult licences start from 15 years of age on bike from a 125cc two stroke upwards. Most adult clubs will group riders according to their ability rather than age or bike, although some clubs will run Over 40’s classes etc or EVO bike classes. With all Adult riders starting off as Junior graded riders before progressing to Expert Status, allowing you to compete in higher grade of events in the future.

What do I need?  

To take part in an ACU event, you will need to have an ACU Approved Motocross Helmet. When buying a Helmet it is always advised to buy the highest quality for your own budget and ensure that the fit is correct.  All Motocross riders are required to wear Chest and Back Protection. Motocross Boots are also another must have item of protective wear. You will also require a set of Motocross kit. Remember as you are just starting out; there are a lot of bargains to be had on older kits from dealers and the internet. Other items such as kidney belts, knee braces and neck braces are all down to personal choice.

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