Starting Enduro

What is Enduro?

Enduro is best described as similar to a car rally on motorcycles but over mostly rough terrain. Enduro riding takes several forms with the original format being time card enduros and then more recently Hare and Hounds/Cross Country versions of the sport and also Extreme enduros and Sprint enduros. Riders can take part from the age of 16 in Time Card Enduros and younger riders are eligible for other Enduro type events which are held throughout the UK.

Different types of Enduro

There are several different types of enduro. The original format is the traditional time card enduro: an event in which a course is set out over a minimum of ten miles, but usually much longer, and sub-divided into time controls. Each rider is given a set time to ride between the start and time control A, a set time to ride between A and B, then from B to C and so on, with time penalties incurred for any minutes lost for arriving at each control either early and late. Special tests are used, frequently motocross style or cross-country in which the rider is timed to the nearest thousandth of second, the totals of which are added to any time penalties given at the time controls. The rider with the lowest combined time is the winner.

Hare and Hounds/Cross Country enduros are short course events in which the aim is to complete as many laps as possible in a set time, usually two or three hours, with the extra time taken to complete the same number of laps as the fastest rider deciding the finishing order.

Extreme enduros are the same as hare and hounds but on more arduous courses and, finally, Sprint enduros are a succession of special tests, with the combined times deciding the result.

Is it easy to take up enduro? 

Most bikers who enter enduros will have some form of off-road experience either as a trials or motocross rider, though many road riders with no off-road experience take part with some degree of success.

Is there a class for me?

Generally speaking there are various ability classes catered for: the most popular being Sportsman, Clubman, Expert and Championship, frequently with a Veterans (usually over 40) category within each class. Some events include a Ladies class.

There is a minimum age limit of 16 years applicable to Time Card enduros with younger riders being eligible for other Enduro type events. Enduro is a good value for Money - Riding in enduros is a good way to have extended time on a bike as most time card enduros last up to five or six hours whilst even the shortest hare and hounds events mean that you are riding for at least two hours continuously.

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