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ACU Membership & Licence/Registration

Competition Licence/Trial Registration

A Competition Licence (or Registration in the case of Trials) is required by every rider and passenger participating in any competition held under the National Sporting Code of the ACU.

It is the responsibility of the competitor, or in the case of minors the parent or legal guardian, to ensure that their licence is valid and issued for the correct class. The issuing of a licence does not guarantee an entry into, or acceptance into, any competition. All licences are valid from 1 January to 31 December of the year of issue. Licence fees are non-refundable.

Duplicate ACU licences can be obtained on request at a cost of £5.00. Duplicate FIM/FIME licences can be obtained through the ACU at the appropriate fee.

One Event Licences

A One Event Licence (OEL), sometimes referred to as a Day Licence, grants all the benefits of an annual licence for the duration of one named event only. The Supplementary Regulations for the event will state whether this type of licence can be used.

One Event Licences are valid only for adult and youth riders in the undermentioned events:         

  1. Motocross, Supermoto and Enduro events up to and including National Status.       
  2. Grass Track, Sprint, Drag and Hillclimb events below National Status.

Note: One Event Licences are not issued for Road Race events.

It is the overall responsibility of the Clerk of the Course to ensure that all One Event Licence counterfoils are returned to ACU Head Office within 14 days of the event being completed. Although it is recognised this task may be delegated, the responsibility for ensuring this happens remains with the Clerk of the Course.

One Event Trials Licences

To encourage non-ACU Trials Registered Riders to attend ACU Trials events, One Event Trials Registrations are now available from ACU Head Office. Riders taking out one event Trials licences will hopefully join an ACU Club, take out a full Trials Registration and become an ACU Trials Registered Rider.

The cost of the One Event Trials Registration is £5.00. The One Event Trials Registrations are available in books of ten, i.e.. £50.00 for a book. It should be noted by Organisers that the One Event Trials Registrations won’t be available for purchase individually – only in books of ten. Organising Clubs are to pay for the books at the point of purchase, i.e.. there is no credit facility. Once the books are sold, the Club keep the money to recoup the expenditure they outlaid at the point of purchase.

To summarise – The books themselves consist of ten one event Trials Registration forms. There are no counterfoil or copies of the Registration forms – just ten Registrations. The Club buys the book in advance for £50.00, sells the Registrations at £5.00 each and keeps the money to reimburse their initial outlay. There is nothing to send back to ACU Head Office, no money and no counterfoils of the Registrations sold.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to any individual who does not hold a current Competition Licence/Registration. The annual fee of £10.00 allows the individual to enjoy a range of benefits and discounts that have been secured by the ACU for its members.

Benefits include significant discounts on a range of motorcycle related products as well as travel and accommodation. To view an up to date list of benefits please visit the ACU website.

The Associate Membership Application form can be downloaded HERE or it can be purchased online via

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