Members Insurance - Public Liability

Public Liability

Who is covered?

The Auto Cycle Union, Promoters of the Event, Sponsors,  Landowners, Organising Club,  Members, Competitors, Licence Holders and Officials.

What are you covered for?

Any claims made against you where a third party has been injured, or there has been damage to third party property. 

This policy has a limit of indemnity of £10,000,000 for each and every loss in respect of a Basic Permit, and £40,000,000 for each and every loss in respect of a Premier Permit. In addition the policy extends to include Medical Malpractice Cover.

Personal Accident Cover for officials and participants

Death, permanent disablement, fracture benefits and temporary total disablement benefits for all signed on officials at permitted events.

Death, permanent disablement and hospital benefit for all license holders at Premier Permitted events.

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