Code of Practice

There are around 5,000 off road sporting motorcycle events held in the UK every year, with an estimated 60,000 individuals participating, and over 450,000 regular spectators.

These events range from Motocross and Grass-Track racing on temporary tracks on flat fields, to Trials riding over rocks and obstacles and Enduro over longer routes through rough terrain. Off road motorcycle sport needs access to land and relies on the goodwill and co-operation of land owners and the local community, who in turn, need the assurance that they are not putting themselves, the public, competitors,  property, local environment and business at risk when allowing an event organiser to use their land.

This Code of Practice has been developed by the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU), the National Governing Body for Motorcycle Sport in the UK, and the Amateur Motorcycle Association (AMCA) along with the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI), all of whom are concerned about the safety, social and environmental impacts of the motorcycle sport.

The Code sets out the recommended conditions and requirements for the organisation and running of all off road sporting motorcycle events.

The Code of Practice covers the items that bring protection to the Land Owner, the Participants, local community and the Environment whilst ensuring that local disruption is minimised. By controling the impact of motorcycle sport, the safety and enjoyment of all participants and other stakeholders, visitors and the local community can be protected over the long term.

This code is designed to provide a framework for a statutory Code of Practice for sporting events organised by Authorising bodies as set out in Statutory Instrument 1992 No. 1370 The Motor Vehicles (Off Road Events) Regulations 1992 and Statutory Instrument 1995 No. 1371 The Motor Vehicles (Off Road Events) Regulations 1995.  

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