Environmental / Sustainability Codes


The realisation that society is rapidly destroying natural resources and polluting the environment to meet its own needs has now spread from pressure group thinking to the mainstream. In particular, increasing attention is now being paid to the concept of sustainable development that meets the needs of the present generation, without compromising the ability of future generations, to meet their own needs. All activities have an impact on the environment, through the resources  they use, the processes they undertake, and the waste created. Pressures to change our way of operating are now being brought to bear on all types of sport and recreation. The governing body of motorcycle sport at both National and International level has two objectives to achieve in developing an Environmental Code.      

  1. To ensure that it manages our activities in a way that is sustainable within the environment.     
  2. To put itself in a position where it can demonstrate to Local and National Governments that it is a responsible member of the community, with both the ability and willingness to contribute to the protection of critical aspects of our environment.

Please click here to view the ACU Environmental Code, and here to view the FIM Environmental Policy.

To view the ACU Sustainability Policy please click here
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