ACU Benevolent Fund


  • The ACU Benevolent Fund was established in 1951
  • Registered with the Charities Commission
  • Funded from donations, fund raising events and the sale of T.T. Badges
  • Provides help for ACU Members and their families in times of extreme difficulties
  • The Fund is not a form of insurance but there to give help in times of hardship

Aid from the fund can be obtained via ACU Affiliated Clubs through the ACU Centre Benevolent Fund Officer (CBFO) and the claim for assistance will be considered by the Benevolent Fund Committee.

A claim form, seeking information on an individual's need will be completed and all information is treated with complete confidentiality and is strictly to help the committee see how best they can help.

In very special circumstances the Committee has the power to make emergency payments pending full information.

The Committee has to exercise extreme caution when deciding what help is applied since the Fund is entirely reliant on donations from ACU members and other fund raising sources. Some of these grants are one-off payments and others are for longer periods. Therefore the fund needs all the support it can get from it members, as there may be a time when you or a member of your family may need help.

Grants are not restricted solely to the competitive members and officials, other club members may make a claim if they are in hardship.

Should you wish to make a donation, please send a cheque or postal order made payable to 'ACU Benevolent Fund' to the address below.

Contact Us

The Auto-Cycle Union Benevolent Fund
ACU House
Wood Street
CV21 2YX

Phone:  01788 566400     
Fax:  01788 573585

Auto-Cycle Union Ltd.
ACU House, Wood Street, Rugby.
CV21 2YX.
Telephone: 01788 566400