Road Racing

Before taking out a ACU Road Race Competition Licence you are required to complete both the Competitor Training Course (CTC) and the Basic Rider Assessment (BRA) prior to your first Road Race event. These courses can be completed on the same or separate days and are held at venues across the country during the year.  

Competitor Training Course

This course is designed to ensure that you have a knowledge of the rules of the sport and the safety procedures. During this course the different race flags will be explained, along with different racing procedures that you should be aware of before going racing.

Basic Rider Assessment

This is where you will be required to prove competency to ride a motorcycle on the race track in an appropriate manner. The assessment comprises of a structured set of riding skill sessions taking place both on and off track. It will include the procedure for a full Road Race start, perhaps the most stressful part of any new competitors’ first race.  

What Grade of licence would I start with?

Once you have completed the CTC and BRA courses, you will be start off as a Novice/Intermediate Novice with an Orange Vest for your first ten meetings at three different venues. Then you will be able to progress to Clubman and National grades depending on your riding ability and results.

Returning to racing after a break from competing?  

If you have had a break from racing for more than five years you will have to comply with the following requirements before returning to racing.

Novice and Intermediate Novice Licences Riders who have allowed their licence to lapse for more than five years, are required to complete the Basic Rider Assessment and Competitor Training Course before resuming competition at Novice/Intermediate Novice grade.

Riders who have attained Clubman, National and International Licences and have allowed their licence to lapse for more than five years, are required to complete the Competitor Training Course before resuming competition at Clubman grade. This is providing the rider can satisfactorily demonstrate having held a licence at one of these grades, such as a previous licence or relevant race results. Otherwise requirements will be as for lapsed novice licence holders above.

Other disciplines within Road Racing 

SuperMoto - A race over consecutive laps on a predetermined flat or undulating course which is a mixture of natural and metalled sealed surfaces.

Drag - A timed run between two competitors from point to point over a flat straight course of a quarter of a mile in length.

Sprint - A timed run from point to point on a metalled and sealed surface, approximately level and not exceeding one mile in length, can be straight or include bends 

Hill Climb - A timed run from point to point on a metalled and sealed surface with bends and a continuous severe gradient.

Do I need to do the CTC and BRA courses for Superoto, Sprint, Hill Climb and Drag?

There is no requirement to complete the CTC and BRA courses prior to taking out an ACU Licence. For Drag racing you will be required to demonstrate your ability by completing a number of runs prior to commencing competitions.

What do I need?

As well as a licence, each discipline will have its own specialist requirements for protective clothing and other safety equipment, but ALL will start with an ACU Approved helmet bearing the current ACU Gold stamp. When buying a helmet it is always advised to buy the highest quality for your own budget.  All helmets must be in sound condition and ensure that the fit is correct.  This is a requirement for both riders and passengers on practice days as well as when racing.

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