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Enduro Reminders

Monday March 25, 2019 at 4:29pm
Enduro Reminders
Now with the season starting to kick off here’s some timely reminders to ACU Enduro competitors. These points might appear to be frivolous and petty but are important for the continued use of land and the safe running of the sport

  • Environmental Mats – these should be used at all service points and refuelling areas and also at your van/trailer if you are working on your machine and oil/fuel etc. may be spilled. This is for all types of Enduros including Hare n Hounds, Extremes and Sprints. Just think, would you like petrol spilt on your front lawn!

  • Power Washers – these are not allowed at Enduro events unless there’s a purpose built wash facility. Again would you power wash your bike on your front lawn

  • Competition Numbers – These should be clear and readable .It’s totally unacceptable these days to have numbers botched out of tape or felt pens.

    Remember to have the right colour background for your class. We are always being told to be more professional, here’s your chance to be for a few quid.

  • Headlights – While you are sorting out your numbers remember for Enduros your bike should have a front light fitted below the number plate, a torch and cable ties is not an option.

  • Illegal Land use – The use of Forestry Commission or Natural Resource Wales land outside official events is totally illegal and we have and will impose sanctions on riders caught. Social media is great for catching culprits!

  • Helmet Cameras – these are forbidden on the grounds of safety for Enduros and it is also forbidden to use goggles with tear offs as these pose a danger to animals and damage the environment. You don’t need to be David Attenborough to appreciate this!


  • For further details on all these issues can be found on line at the ACU website under the Enduro standing regulations

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