FIM Board of Directors met in Liverpool in the framework of the 2023 General Assembly and FIM Awards

Friday December 1, 2023 at 9:26am
FIM Board of Directors met in Liverpool in the framework of the 2023 General Assembly and FIM Awards

The Board of Directors met for its last meeting of the year on 29 & 30 November 2023, ahead of the General Assembly and FIM Awards ceremony to be held on 1 & 2 December 2023 in Liverpool.

On this occasion, the Board addressed many topics, in particular the following:

Sport: All disciplines were discussed with a focus on the contracts for the promotion of the FIM Supercross World Championship, the SuperEnduro World Championship, the FIM X-Trial World Championship, the FIM Sidecar World Championship, the FIM EBK World Cup/World Championship as well as the FIM Flat Track World Cup/Championship in the upcoming years. Additional information related to Electric motorcycles, such as the review of technical rules and connection with the industry, was provided. The first FIM Electric Technical Seminar is scheduled to take place early next year. The Intercontinental Games, a biennial sporting competition with continental teams only to be launched in the framework of the 120th anniversary of the FIM, were addressed. The FIM certification for Vintage Circuit Racing Motorcycles, conducted in partnership with Spirit of Speed, was approved. The Board agreed on the composition of the Vintage Working Group, chaired by the Sports Director, Mr Jean-Paul Gombeaud. Members include: Mr Damiano Zamana (Deputy CEO & Operations Director); Mr Armando Castagna (CCP Director); Mr Paul King (CCR Director); Mr Jean-François Wulveryck (CTT Director); Mr Olivier Barjon (CTR Expert); Mr Jean-Paul Veaudequin (CEN Expert); Mr Christopher Warren (CMI Member); Mr Jose Campos Costa (FIM Europe Vintage Commission President) and Mr Miguel Sanchez (CTI Coordinator). The first meeting will be held during the 2024 FIM Commissions Conference in Lyon (France). The Veterans Trophies will become classes of the FIM Sand Races & FIM Bajas World Cups as of 2024.

Situation in Ukraine: The Board of Directors reiterated its sympathy and solidarity with all those suffering, as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After having carefully considered the latest statements of the IOC and the fact that no favourable evolution of the situation had been noted in Ukraine, the Board once again confirmed the decisions taken at its extraordinary meeting on 5 March 2022. The FIM will continue to monitor the evolution of the situation, taking into account the specificity of motorcycle sport.

Finance: The 2023 year-end forecast was outlined with a positive result.

Sustainability and carbon emission reduction: In addition to the leading role of the FIM in riders’ safety, the long-standing efforts towards sustainability and carbon emission reduction were underlined. The establishment of a clear path with ambitious objectives in the framework of a long-term strategy in this regard was discussed and the importance of communicating on this matter to the public was stressed.

Ride Clean: In order to be compliant with the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) with regard to doping cases, it was agreed that Sport Resolutions would take care of the secretariat for doping cases and constitute the first instance tribunal (independent hearing panel) for doping cases, in replacement of the CDI (International Disciplinary Court). The decisions of this panel remain appealable before the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport).

FIM Academy: A report on the MXGP Academy activities for 2021-2023 was presented to the Board. The FIM Seminar Guidelines, regrouping all rules in one document, were approved and would be distributed to the FMNs in the near future.

Liaison with FMNs/CONUs: An update was provided on the discussions held and issues addressed during the FMN/CONU Secretaries General meeting hosted by the Fédération Française de Motocyclisme (FFM) in Paris (France) in October 2023, in addition to follow-up roundtables and initiatives. The FIM Guidebook for FMNs was shared with the Board and would soon be made available to all FMNs.

Marketing and Digital: A report on the Marketing and Digital activities delivered during the 6DAYS® was presented to the Board. An update on the FIM MOTO-TV platform providing access to live streaming of motorsport events, as well as on the marketing activation related to the upcoming FIM Awards were made.

Commissions: The following changes were made to the composition of the FIM Commissions:

  • CTR – New Member, Ms Iris OELSCHLEGEL (DMSB)
  • CID – New Member, Mr Nelson CORREIA (FMP)
  • CMI – New Member, Dr Miguel GARCIA CARME (SML)
  • CFM – New Member Ms Ulla PETERSON (SVEMO)
  • CTI – New Expert, Ms Violeta SHEHI (Slovenia)
  • The Board further ratified the withdrawals of Mr Didier LAMBERT (CTI) and Mr Gaetano Maria COCCO (CTI) as well as Dr Xavier CRESPO (CMI).

    Awards & Recognition: The Board approved new FIM Awards and Recognition Guidelines as of 2024.

    Amendments to Codes and Regulations: The Board approved amendments to the Statutes and By-Laws as well as to the Sporting Code, including calendar and licence fees, that will be submitted to the General Assembly for approval. Several amendments to the Disciplinary and Arbitration Code, Financial Regulations, Medical Code and Anti-Doping Code were also agreed on.

    International Foundation for Motorcycling (IFM): The agenda of the next meeting of the IFM, to take place in Liverpool on 2 December, was presented and included the approval of the 2024 budget as well as the appointments of the Members of the Contributor’s Advisory Council for 2024.

    2024 Commissions Conference: A status update and progress report on the organisation of the 2024 Commissions Conference to be held in Lyon (France) in February was presented to the Board.

    2024 General Assembly and FIM Awards: Following a tender process, the Board agreed on the host city for the 2024 General Assembly and FIM Awards, which will be revealed to the FIM Family during the upcoming General Assembly taking place on 1 December.

    In addition, the CONU Presidents, the Board Committees, the Working Groups and the departments of the Administration presented progress reports on their respective projects.

    The CONU Presidents also met on 30 November to specifically address the Intercontinental Games and their dedicated sporting rules.

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