ATPI FIM Women’s Speedway Academy is good to go at Belle Vue

Wednesday August 2, 2023 at 10:58am
ATPI FIM Women’s Speedway Academy is good to go at Belle Vue

Following on from last year’s ground-breaking inaugural WSA event at Diedenbergen in Germany, the 2023 edition will provide instruction in all aspects of the sport – from riding technique and race craft through to mental preparation and diet – to up-and-coming riders aged sixteen years and over.
Supported by the FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission, the WSA has been created to promote gender inclusivity in the sport and encourage female participation. This year’s WSA has been expanded with sixteen riders in attendance with instruction led by Phil Morris, the FIM Speedway Grand Prix Race Director, along with multi-time FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Champions Jason Crump from Australia and Greg Hancock from the USA.
Also in attendance will be performance staff from the Great Britain Speedway Team, a main 2023 partner of the WSA, including a mental coach and a physiotherapist.
A press conference to officially unveil the 2023 WSA was held at the National Speedway Stadium in early July with leading British rider Katie Gordon, German star Celina Liebmann and reigning FIM Women’s Enduro World Champion Jane Daniels joining Morris, Crump and Belle Vue Speedway CEO Mark Lemon on the launch panel.

Janika Judeika, FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission (CFM) Director, said: “The FIM Women's Commission is dedicated to promoting inclusivity in motorcycling so it is hugely encouraging to see how much excitement and positivity the ATPI FIM Women’s Speedway Academy is generating.
The team behind the WSA has worked incredibly hard and on behalf of the CFM I would like to thank everyone involved along with the sponsors who have made this event possible. There is no shortage of female talent – both on the motorcycles and behind the scenes – and the commission is committed to developing this and providing an open environment in which women can thrive.
Armando Castagna, FIM Track Racing Director, stated: “The FIM Track Racing Commission together with the FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission are extremely proud to have the Women’s Speedway Academy in Manchester. We know that Manchester is one of the best venues in the world for Speedway and we know how happy and excited the participants from all over the world are.
A lot of work has been done to prepare this Academy and, with the help of many people and partners, we are getting there. Let me say thank you to everyone involved in the organisation and also to all the women traveling to Manchester for this special occasion. See you there!
Morris, a multiple National champion, is excited by the potential of the WSA, saying: “Who would have imagined what the women footballers have done and now women’s matches are selling out stadiums. Women’s sport is exploding and we have to be part of it and make Speedway inclusive and diverse. I will do anything I can to help.
This is something we are trying to push the sport forward with and we want to make it as easy and accessible as possible. We want to be as inclusive as anyone from top to bottom, where if you go to your local club they will be appreciative and try to get you involved and it is good to see the top women in the world advocating this for the up-and-coming riders as well.
Crump, who was ranked in the top three in the World for ten consecutive seasons, said: “I think in any sport inclusivity is important. Growing up I rode with my sisters and my cousins and my aunts and it was great fun and they got as much enjoyment out of riding a bike as I did so it is great to see the women competing.
I saw Celina ride last year in SGP2 in Prague in very difficult conditions and she handled them as well if not better than most. I have seen Katie ride a few times as well and it is great to see female riders pushing on and developing their skills and their racing techniques. I think the WSA is fantastic for the sport and fantastic for the girls and shows how diverse Speedway and motorcycling truly are.
The ATPI FIM Women’s Speedway Academy takes place on 4-5 August at the National Speedway Stadium in Belle Vue, Manchester, England.

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