Member update on the new ACU system – week commencing 23rd January 2023

Friday January 27, 2023 at 12:08pm
Member update on the new ACU system – week commencing 23rd January 2023

This update is one in a series of updates provided to Centres / Clubs / Promoters and Licence Holders in relation to the new Membership System, covering recent changes and projects both ongoing and planned.

Active Changes and Enhancements

Clubs / Promoters can renew the Club Membership – Approval record of any Member in their list by following these steps:

·        Log in to using your email address and password

·        Select your Club Account rather than your Personal Account (or switch in the top-left-hand corner)

·        Click ‘Members’ > ‘List’

·        Search for a Member by name, Member ID# or date-of-birth and click on their record

·        Select ‘Club & Team Affiliations’

·        From this area click on the lapsed or lapsing ‘Club Membership’ record, and complete the form to ‘RENEW’

2.      Start Permissions for Rallies with Special Rates – the default cost that will appear will be £750 – please contact the ACU regarding the Special Rates before making payment as they will issue you with a discount code relevant to the specific Rally.

Start Permissions

As well as the above information about Rallies with Special Rates, purchasing a Start Permission will now also generate a Confirmation Email including the following:

·        A simple A4 Certificate with your name, Start Permission type and dates

·        A one-click link to the ‘Insurance Key Facts’ document relevant to the Start Permission

·        A link to a web page with further details of the specific event your Start Permission relates to


This combination of tools has been put together so that real-time Start Permission information can be shared with, and verified by, overseas Federations and Event Organisers, and the Member has access to all relevant Insurance Documentation and automated confirmation of their purchase.

Imminent Upgrades

As outlined last week, a number of items are currently being developed:

·        Automated creation and distribution of Event Permits

·        The ability for Event Organisers to control whether they sell One-Event Licences for any given event

·        Changes to the way Approval Required e-mails behave, giving the Organisations that make the approvals more control

·        Allowing Event Organisers to fully preview Event Entry Forms from the Event Admin Panel

·        Granting Clubs / Promoters the ability to ‘Validate’ or ‘Invalidate’ Club Memberships

·        pending approval from within their Club Account

These imminent upgrades are planned to be released next week (commencing 30th January) along with new Apple and Google payment options at the basket on all items, so please keep a look out for further communications / updates supporting their release.

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