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Important message for Enduro riders from the ACU Trials and Enduro Committee

Monday May 23, 2022 at 10:07am
At the Event

·         Test Walking, please only walk tests at the times specified by the organisers and obey instructions regarding taking vehicles to the test and parking.  As organisers, we rely on landowners and the good will of locals to use these areas, ignoring these requests can put future use in jeopardy 

·         Likewise, during events, your “helpers” need to follow the correct access roads to tests and checkpoints. Ripping through villages does us no favours at all, again it endangers the use of land as well as risk of accidents.

·         Observance of rules whilst riding – we have noticed that some riders completely ignore stop signs/ blue tape and general rules of the road. Don't expect to get away with this, you will be penalised. These signs etc; are there for your safety and the safety of everyone and are to be Strictly Adhered To!!



·         May we remind riders that your bike needs to have a proper light / numberplate at the front and a rear light and registration plate at the rear (for totally off-road events the registration plate can be removed) It's your responsibility to ensure that your bike is road legal! Competition numbers must comply with your class as laid out in the ACU handbook, bits of insulation tape on your multi coloured side panels are not acceptable.

·         Machine Examination, if this takes place on the day prior to the event you must attend, anyone who can't, must inform the organisers with a valid reason subject to a penalty (washing your hair / walking tests are not valid reasons and you will be refused the right to compete)


General Behaviour.

·         Riders, please be polite and courteous to organisers and marshals, they are there to run your sport for you, likewise ensure your entourage do so as well. This is a family friendly sport; ensure it remains that way.

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