Conference of the Parties 2026 – COP 26

Thursday November 11, 2021 at 12:07pm
Conference of the Parties 2026 – COP 26

Issued: 11th November 2021

The climate summit in Glasgow - COP26, which stands for the 26th "Conference of the Parties" represents a gathering of all the countries signed on to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Climate Agreement.  Over 170 world leaders have met during the two weeks to debate key commitments and actions with a total of 30,000 delegates participating in presentations, debates, and negotiations to update the agreed global commitments that will have a bearing on future government legislation.

The ACU will of course be fully supportive of green initiatives which we can dovetail with our various sporting disciplines.  Moving forward the ACU will be looking at sustainable and responsible consumption of fuels, climate education and other environmentally friendly initiatives at venues, supporting alternative fuel development for use at motorcycle sport events including electric and other alternative fuels being developed to power our new and old machines as we move forward with green technology being developed primarily through major motorsport and transport initiatives across the globe.  

As part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change established an international environmental treaty to combat ‘dangerous human interference with the climate system’.  Sport can make a significant contribution to this and as such the Sports for Climate Action framework has been created.  The ACU has joined many other signatories who have signed up to the Sports for Climate Action Framework to demonstrate its commitment to promote the principles that have been established.  These principles are: 

Undertake systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility

2.       Reduce overall climate impact

3.       Educate for Climate Action

4.       Promote sustainable and responsible consumption

5.       Advocate for climate action through communication

ACU Chairman Roy Humphrey commented, ‘The ACU Board of Directors consider this a huge fundamental step to help secure the future of motorcycle sport and as such are fully committed promoting the Sport Climate Action Plan.  We all have to commit to a sustainable future for motorcycle sport across all our disciplines’.

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