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Due to the current health crisis our offices will be at minimum manning. To avoid any unnecessary contact, we ask that if you have a query, or need to contact us for any reason, please email and it will be forwarded to the relevant department for their attention. We are not accepting visitors without an appointment to keep the office Covid-19 Secure.

Covid-19; It’s on the rise again………….

Wednesday September 23, 2020 at 5:09pm
Covid-19; It’s on the rise again………….

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister that increases restrictions across England to mitigate the risk of infection from the increasing rise of Covid-19 cases, those restrictions does not affect the organisation of motorcycle sport disciplines in their various forms. 

Organisers are reminded of their responsibility to promote and organise motorcycle sport in a responsible manner so as not to bring the sport, the ACU or indeed themselves or their riders/officials into disrepute.

As has been widely publicised by the UK Government, in England we need to adhere to the ‘Rule of Six’.  When at an event, awnings / work areas must not exceed six people.  The six people can be from different households but must not exceed six.  Everyone should be in possession of face coverings and face coverings should be worn when visiting toilet facilities, when purchasing food and beverages from food outlets or when visiting the Race Administration/ Technical/Race Control/other public areas.

Roy Humphrey, ACU Chairman commented, “Given the reported rise of Covid-19 infections across the country, it was understandably inevitable that further restrictions were going to be put in place in an attempt to reduce the infection rate which has exponentially risen very quickly.  Although our sports will continue, we do need to be mindful of our obligations as the governing body and responsible Organisers and ensure that our events are as safe as they can possibly be.  Risk Assessment guidance templates have been produced by ACU Head Office and sent to all Organisers and if the guidance in these risk assessments are followed then each of our events should have a Covid-19 secure environment in which our activities can continue.  Our Organisers need to keep seeking permission from their Local Authorities, they need to keep the dialogue and communication lines open and then provided the Local Authorities allow, which will be locally sensitive, our sports can continue in a safe environment.  A much-used word, but we are in unprecedented times and we can only put on events as, if and when the situation allows”.

For Organisers on the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey, you should follow the rules, guidance and information produced by your local governments.

For Organisers in Wales, likewise you should follow any rules/guidance issued by the Welsh Assembly and Organisers of events in Wales are reminded that a maximum of 30 is allowed for gatherings outdoors.

Please remember the UK Governments campaign; Hands – Face – Space

Wash your hands

Wear a face covering

Keep your space through social distancing

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