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Ray Denyer Owls National ACU Sidecar Championship

Friday September 6, 2019 at 2:17pm
Ray Denyer Owls National ACU Sidecar Championship
The heat is on in the ACU Wessex Plant British sidecar championship with just three events lurking on the calendar. Just ten championship points separate Jon Tuck and Matt Sparkes from former champions Josh and Luke Golding but a drop score by both crews to change the overall standings. Tuck drops a 15 while the Goldings loose out with an eleven. Jack Corlett and Beth Thomas are on a roll with maximum 160 score, 30 up on Robbie Head and Aaron Jacobs.

John Corlett and Jamie Howe are on track to take the Clubman class but Jake Pope and Harriett Shore could wreck that plan as could Denyer winner Paul Fishlock and passenger Sam Atherton.

The Newcomers has lit up since Richard and Miles Gilham totted up four straight victories over series leaders Neil and Mike Franks.

The trial consisted of two laps of eighteen sections with an enforced lunch stop after the first lap. When most sections were changed slightly for the second lap due to a heavy rainstorm that made conditions extremely slippery. The first three sections were banks crossing a small stream then off into the woods where nearly all sections were based on crossing a stream with climbs and cambers.

 Section 13 was the major mark stealer; this was a fairly long and steep climb which zigzagged to the top and a lack of grip on the turns was the problem. A very good trial which was enjoyed by all.


Class A: Jon Tuck/Matt Sparkes (TRS) 17, Josh Golding/Luke Golding (TRS) 20, Nigel Scott/Gracie –Mae Scott (Beta) 70.

Inters: Jack Corlett/Beth Thomas (Gas Gas) 19, Kevin Nolan / Karl Jarvis (Scorpa) 31, Sean Cuckow/Paul Cuckoiw ( ) 49, Robert Head/Aron Jacobs (Sherco) 63.

Clubman: Paul Fishlock/Sam Atherton (Beta) 6, John Corlett /James Howe (Gas Gas ) 10, Jake Pope/Harriett Shore (Sherco) 21, Mick Treagus/Steve Gould (Gas Gas) 23, Steve Saunders/ Isobelle Saunders (TRS) 24, Luke Etheridge/Dave Denyer (TRS ) 26, Phil Sparkes/David Tuck (TRS) 34, Graham Thomas/Chris Kimber (Gas Gas ) 47, Chris Newsham/Anna Newsham (Gas Gas ) 60, Peter Pesterfield/Deborah Smith (Gas Gas ) 68.

Newcomers: Richard Gilham/Miles Gilham (Sherco) 15, Neil Franks/Mike Franks (Beta) 36.


Class A: Jon Tuck/Matt Sparkes 149. Josh & Luke Golding 139, Nigel &Gracie-Mae Scott 105, William Cane & Sam Baxter 41, Rupert & Chris Kimber 17.

Class B: Jack Corlett & Beth Thomas 160, Robert Head & Aaron Jacobs 130, Sean & Paul Cuckow 32, Kevin Nolan & Karl Jarvis 17.

Class C: John Corlett &Jamie Howe/Harry Gell 131, Jake Pope & Harriet Shore 120, Paul Fishlock & Sam Atherton 110, Luke Etheridge &.Dave Denyer 99, Karl Jarvis & Jana Grossman 73, Mick Treagus & Steve Gould 57. Graham Thomas & Chris Kimber 56, Phil Sparkes & Izzy Saunders/Dave Tuck 44. Peter Pesterfield &Deborah Smith 43, Chris & Anna Newsham 36, Elliott & Graham Tickner 27, Adrian & Anthony Smith 17, Dave Nourish & Andrew Wight  17. Paul Colllins & Daniel Jessup 15, Steve & Izzy Saunders 15.

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