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Start Permissions for International Competition

Monday January 29, 2018 at 1:37pm
Start Permissions for International Competition
In order to be able to compete in International / European sanctioned events, riders require the appropriate licence and “Start Permission” issued by their Federation (the ACU).

As from Jan 2018 before issuing an FIM/FIME International licence, the ACU will provide Start Permission in accordance with FIM Sporting Code Art 70.2.1

In line with the above requirements this Start Permission will confirm that the ACU has provided:

  • Insurance for personnel accidents, covering death, permanent disability, medical treatment and repatriation. The minimum compulsory benefits to be covered by this insurance will be equivalent to the benefits in EUR as published in the FIM yearbook. The insurance will be valid for all competitions and official practices.

  • Additionally, in accordance with the FIM Sporting Code requirements, the ACU issue of a licence and Start Permission will establish and confirm:

  • The identity, Nationality and /or permanent residence of the applicant

  • His/Her aptitude to participate in the meetings for which the applicant has applied

  • The applicants state of health confirmed by the Medical certificate that the applicant provides in accordance with the relevant requirements as laid down in the current FIM/FIME Medical Codes

  • The FMN (ACU) will also ensure the applicant is not suspended or disqualified by the FIM, FIME or FMN for regulatory or disciplinary reasons.

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