Rain lights for Solo Road Race machines

Friday December 19, 2014 at 10:32am
For 2015 Red Rear Warning Lights will be a requirement for solo road race machines. Classic and Vintage machines racing exclusively in their own races or events are exempt.

The requirements for these lights are as follows,

All motorcycles must have a functioning red light mounted at the rear of the machine to be used in rain or low visibility conditions as instructed by Race Control. The team must ensure that the light is switched on whenever a rain tyre is fitted on the motorcycle and/or when any practice or race is declared “wet” by Race Control.

Lights must comply with the following:

 a) lighting direction must be parallel to the machine centre line (motorcycle running direction), and clearly visible from the rear at least 15 degrees to both left and right sides of the machine centre line.

 b) mounted on the seat/rear bodywork approximately on the machine centre line, in a position approved by the Chief Technical Officer. In case of dispute over the mounting position or visibility, the decision of the Chief Technical Officer will be final.

 c) power output/luminosity equivalent to approximately: 10 – 15W (incandescent) 0.6 – 1.8 W (LED).

 d) the switch must be accessible.

 e) rain light power supply may be separated from the motorcycle main wiring and battery.


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