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Wednesday April 5, 2006 at 12:00am

Date   Club                             Event                                  Championship
01/04  Mid Wales Centre  Welsh Trophy Trial              S/Car 
01/04  UEM Trial  Nigran, Spain                                    UEM 
02/04  F I M World  Nigran, Spain                                  FIM 
02/04  Birmingham MCC  Victory Trial                           Novogar 
08/04  FIM World  Mortagua, Portugal                              FIM 
09/04  Castle Colchester MCC Phil King East Anglian Classic 
09/04  Yeadon & Guiseley Chris Carter Trophy          Novogar 
16/04  UEM Trial  Plan de la Tour (83), France   Womens/Youth                                                  UEM
17/04  South Liverpool MC Lomax Cup trial                Novogar 
22/04  Scarborough & Dist MCC Youth C & D             C&D 
23/04  Scarborough & Dist MCC Youth A & B              A&B 
23/04  Bewdley MCC  Frank Hooper Trial                    S MillerS/car
23/04  Lincoln MCC  Ladies Trial                                   Ladies 
28/29/04 Edinburgh & District Pre 65 Trial  
30/4-07/05 Edinburgh & District Scottish Six Day Trial  
30/04 Westmorland MC Westmorland Trial                 Trail Bike
14/05 East South Wales Mitchell                                   ACU 
14/05 Stratford on Avon MC Sam Cooper Union Jack  Sammy Miller 
14/05 Cheadle (Staffs)  Moorland Ladies Trial             Ladies            
20-21/05 F I M World  Sequatchie,Tennessee,USA      FIM 
21/05  West of England MC Dartmoor Trial                    Novogar/Scar  
28/05 Lyn & District M C Lyn Traders  
29/05 Lancs County MC  Angela Redford Trial              Classic was 28/5
29/05 Torridge & DMCC  Nell & Ron Higgins Trophy  
03/06 Kent Y.T.C  Youth C & D                                           C & D 
03-04/06 F I M World  Twin Ring Motegi, Japan              FIM 
04/06 Kent Y.T.C.  Youth A & B                                            A & B 
04/06 Mansfield Maun MCC Ladies Trial                         Ladies 
04/06 South Liverpool MC The Reliance Trial pre ‘65 
11/06 Bradford & District Youth A & B                               No
11/06 Cumberland County MC Alan Trophy Trial           Novogar
11/06 Rhayader MC The Rhayader Trial                         Sammy Miller 
17/06 Surrey Schoolboys Ladies Trial                             Ladies 
18/06 Surrey Schoolboys Youth C & D                            C & D 
18/06 West of England MC West of England                 ACU 
18/06 Mansfield Maun MCC Doncaster Cup                  S/Car & Classic
24/06 UEM Trial  Le Chatre, France                                UEM 
25/06 F I M World  Le Chatre, France                               FIM 
25/06 Wetherby DMC  The Wainwright Shield  
01/02/07 ACU/BMF National Rally  
01/07 UEM Trial  Darfo Boario Terme,Italy                     UEM 
01/07 Abergavenny MC  Youth C & D                              C & D 
02/07 Abergavenny MC  Youth A & B                               A & B 
02/07 F I M World  Darfo Boario Terme,Italy                  FIM 
02/07 Westmorland MC The Crabtree  Trial                  Sammy Miller
02/07 Darwen MC  Darwen Ladies Trial                        Ladies
02/07 Manchester 17  Dave Rowlands Trophy Trial  
08/07 UEM Trial  Myslenice, Poland                               UEM 
09/07 F I M World  Myslenice, Poland                             FIM 
09/07 Bradford & DMCC  Allan Jefferies  
16/07 UEM Trial  Tanvald, Czech Republic                   UEM 
16/07 Torridge & District MC LadiesTrial                       Ladies 
22/07 UEM Trial Garbagnate Monastero  Italy Womens/Youth                                                                  UEM
30/07 F I M World  Hawkstone, GB                                 FIM 
06/08 Yeadon-Guiseley  Mac Kenzie National             ACU 
06/08 Torridge & DMCC  Allscott Trial                           Classic 
13/08 Merthyr   Youth C & D                                             C & D 
13/08 Lightweight MCC  British Champ                        ACU 
13/08 Richmond MC(Yorks) Ltd Ladies Trial                Ladies
19/08 Richmond MC  Youth C & D                                 C & D 
20/08 Richmond MC  Youth A & B                                  A & B 
20/08 Bootle Presidents Trophy Trial                             Novogar 
26/27/08 I O M Centre ACU Manx  2  Day  
27/08 Builth Wells MC  Frank Jones Trial                    Sammy Miller 
02/09 FIM World Ladies Andorra                                    FIM Womens 
03/09  F I M World  Andorra                                              FIM 
02/03/09      S Eastern Centre      Inter Centre Tean Trial
10/09 UEM Trial  Rippol, Spain  Womens/Youth         UEM
10/09  West Leeds MC  White  Rose National  
10/09  Sutton Falcons MC Rosebowl Trophy Trial      Classic 
17/09  Neath MCC  Fred Rist Trophy                              Trail 
17/09  Lochaber MC  British Champ                               ACU 
17/09  Yeadon-Guiseley DMC Mel Harrison                 Sidecar 
17/09  South Birmingham MC Pre 65 Inter Centre Team Trial  
23/09  FIM World  Ladies Spa-Francorchamps,Belgium FIM
24/09  F I M World  Spa-Francorchamps,Belgium        FIM 
24/09  Stratford on Avon MCC OK Supreme Trial         Trail Bike 
24/09  Mid Wales Centre Mid Wales Centre Trial         Novogar 
29/09  FIM World Ladies Breal s/Monfort, France         FIM 
30/09  West of England MC West of England               S/car & Classic 
30/09 FIM  TDN    Ladies Breal s/Monfort,France        FIM 
01/10  Newcastle & DMC  Travers Trophy Trial            Novogar 
01/10 FIM  TDN   Breal s/Monfort, France                      FIM 
01/10 Surrey Schoolboys T.C Youth A & B                    A & B 
01/10 Otter Vale MCC  Presidents Trophy                    Classic 
08/10 Bradford & Dist  British champ                            ACU 
08/10 Blackmore Vale MC Dick Farquharson              NOW A CENTRE EVENT
08/10 Caerphilly & DMCC Ivor Morkott Trial                  Trail Bike - Re-arranged date
14/15/10 L.M.T.A.  Lakes 2 Day  
14/10 Isle Of Wight  Youth A & B                                     A & B 
15/10 Isle Of Wight  Youth C & D                                   C & D 
15/10 West of England MC Moor to Sea Trial             Trail Bike 
21/10 Richmond MC (Yorks) Scott Trial  
22/10 South B,ham MC  Greensmith Trial                  Sammy Miller 
29/10 Hillsborough MCC Hillsborough Classic        Classic 
05/11 Sheffield & Hallamshire Peak Trial                   S/car  
11/11Manchester 17  Northern Experts  
19/11North Berks MCC  Downland Trophy Trial       Sammy Miller 
26/11E.F.A.   Eastern Thumpers pre65 Trial  
10/12 Bath & West of England Knut Trophy Trial      Novogar 
17/12 Sunbeam MCC  Southern Experts  

Solo Trial = 7 rounds
Sammy Miller = 8 Rounds
Youth A & B - 8 rounds
Youth C & D = 8 rounds
Novogar - 10 rounds
Sidecar = 10 rounds
Classic = 10 rounds
Ladies = 8 rounds
Trail Bike = 6 rounds                         

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