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Motorcycle trials can’t go ahead without a full compliment of observers, particularly major competitions. You can become an observer very easily with no qualifications required and can start from the age of 12 years old. As long as you know the observing rules (0 for a feet up ride, 1 mark for one foot down, 2 marks for touching the ground twice, 3 marks for more than twice and 5 for a failure), that’s all you need to know. You get the chance to have friendly banter with the riders and whilst enjoying the event.

Technical Official  

The Technical Officer is the person who checks that both the rider’s machine and safety clothing are in compliance with the ACU Technical Regulations. Each disciple has a specific set of Technical Regulations. A person can become a member of the technical teams at regional events whilst under the guidance of the Chief Technical Officer. This allows you to gain experience. Once you feel confident you can apply to attend a Regional Technical Officials Seminar that will allow you to take the role of Chief Technical Officer at Regional events. After holding your Regional Licence for a period of three years you can attend a National Seminar and become a Chief Technical Officers at National events before progressing further to become an International Technical Official. Technical Officers can also take training to become Sound Inspectors for both Road Race and Off Road sports.


The black art of race timekeeping has evolved into a practice that is accessible to most people these days who want to help their local club or possibly take it to a professional level and find employment with some of the companies that provide timekeeping services. There are many forms of timekeeping in commerce and sport and an opportunity to develop a skill which requires a bit of analytical patience, hard work and experience of what’s involved and you will find that you could make a hobby or career from it. It covers all racing sports from athletics to cycling, swimming to motorsport and at all levels of competition from club to World championships. Timekeeping and lap scoring are the timekeepers main objectives to ensure the result and times of a race are correct and accurate, the timekeeper signs off a result that will award the competitors with trophies, prizes, championships, records and personal achievements and must be taken very seriously. It’s a very responsible position to hold. The job these days doesn’t stop there, with the introduction of new computer technology and communications timekeeping includes setting up on site result screens, uploading results to web sites, managing live timing and race management are all possible even at club level races. If your club or race organisation runs electronic timekeeping take a look and see if you could get involved, talk to the timekeepers to see if it’s something you could do or help out with. As we say, it’s the best view in the house and great satisfaction to know it’s a job well done, get involved.

Event Secretary  

This position is suited to somebody that is organised and experienced in dealing with various forms of paperwork. The Secretary of the Meeting is the official responsible to the Clerk of the Course for the administrative organisation of the event and whose duties include the following:   

  • Applying for the Permit
  • Producing the Supplementary Regulations 
  • Taking the Entries for the event either Online and by Paper Organisation of the Event and Event Personal
  • Signing on of Riders and Officials at the event
  • Event paperwork and Results
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