ACU Trophies

Brian Stibbs Trophy - Background and History

Brian Stibbs Trophy ”The Stibbs trophy was presented to the ACU in memory of a SE Centre sidecar driver (left Handed) who had a fatal accident.  The trophy was hand made in sterling silver using contributions made in Stibbs memory.  I understand that the person who made the trophy was not a professional silversmith, but was awarded membership of the Institution of Silversmiths to mark the skill and quality of the finished trophy.  It is therefore of considerable value and thus locked away in the ACU vaults.
The trophy was initially competed for by 1000cc sidecars over a number of specified meetings which usually included the Masters.  However, this became too difficult to organise by Rugby, so the trophy is now awarded to the sidecar driver who achieves the highest points total on the grading list.  On a similar basis Harland Cook was awarded the Jim Rendall trophy for results on the 500cc solo class a couple of season ago.”
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