Members Insurance - Personal Accident Cover for Competitors FAQS

Personal Accident Cover for Competitors FAQS

Are all competitors covered for personal accident benefits? 


Only events where a Premier Permit has been issued.

How do I find out whether the event is a premier permitted event?

You will need to check with the organising club

If the event is a premier event what are the Personal Accident benefits for competitor?

Death                                                   £10,000
Permanent Disablement                  £20,000
Quadriplegia                                       £40,000
Hospital benefit                                 £2,000 following a 28 day stay in hospital ( 14 days for Trials riders)

If the event is not a premier event with no Personal Accident insurance in place can I purchase this cover?

Yes - Lockton our appointed Insurance Advisors can provide a competitive policy to our members.

If I purchase a separate cover from Lockton what happens if I then compete in a premier permitted event which has Personal Accident cover?

If you purchase an individual policy from Lockton this policy will pay in addition to the ACU policy.

How much would an annual policy cost me?


For Trials and Enduro riders             £172.00

MX and Grass Track                           £192.25

Road Race                                            £212.40

What cover does this provide?

Death                                                    £10,000

Permanent Disablement                   £20,000

Loss of 1 limb                                      £10,000

Weekly Benefit                  up to        £500 per week for 26 weeks excluding first 14 days

Fracture Benefit                                  £500

Physiotherapy                                     £500

Hospital In Patient                              £ 100 per day

What is the operative time of this cover?

This is a 24 hour cover, and the territorial limits are World Wide. 

Will I be covered for accidents at work? On holiday?

Yes the cover is 24 hour worldwide including work, holidays, testing, practising and track days.

Will I be covered for medical expenses and repatriation cover?

No but speak to Lockton and they will be able to include this cover for you.

More cover provided by the Auto Cycle Union for their permitted events includes:- 
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