Darley Moor About to Burst into Life Again

Monday June 10, 2024 at 11:05am
Darley Moor About to Burst into Life Again

Two months have passed since the opening Round of the Darley Moor Motor Cycle Road Race Club Championship and next weekend, Sunday 16th June, will see the return of competitors for the second event, Rounds 3 and 4, of the Championship at the Darley Moor Sports Centre, near Ashbourne, DE6 2ET (or What3Words:bounty.behalf.charm).

Although it is only the second visit for the Club Championship this season the Sports Centre itself has been very busy with events for other sporting Clubs/organisations for athletes, cyclists, canines and on a more serious footing the Institute of Accident Investigators, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and Police driver training have all taken advantage of the facilities.

Whilst entries are not yet up to their usual level the Club is aware that many competitors are still on the Isle of Man, having been at this year’s TT and will no doubt be receiving a few late entries throughout the week.  However, at this early stage all championship leaders have entered their respective classes and once this next Round has taken place, with four points scoring races behind us the Championship tables will show a clearer picture on who to look out for with regards to those ‘most likely’ to be battling for Championship honours this year.

After being the most successful competitor last time out Mark Goodings (Doncaster) will be hoping for a repeat of last time after which he sits at the top of three championships; the Ben Godfrey Trophy, Open Solos and after sharing a win and 2nd place apiece, with Joe Holdsworth (Huddersfield), the pair are on equal points in the Open 600cc table.  The Open 600cc class will also see the 4th and 5th place competitors in the standings; Adam Green (Stone) and Adam Mather (Nottingham) lining-up alongside the pair at the head of the table.   The Ben Godfrey Trophy races are already set to be frantic with the top eight competitors already entered; Goodings; Adam Walters, 2nd (Derby); Matthew Bell, 3rd (Sheffield); Holdsworth, 4th; Green, 5th; Chris Cooper, 6th (Chesterfield); Chris Stuart, 7th (Nottingham) and Stephen England, 8th (Burnley).  Many of these will also be chasing Goodings again in the Open Solo races; Walters, 2nd in the table; Bell, 3rd, Cooper, 4th along with Richard Eglin, 5th (Derby).

Running close to Goodings success at Round 1 David Carson (Northwich) will also be lining up in the Open 600 class, in which he is currently 3rd, but he’ll also be trying to maintain his position at the top of two other Championships, after double victories in both previously, the Darley Cup and the Twin Cylinder 655 – 700cc Class.

Matt Zschiesche (Stoke on Trent) is another competitor at the head of two championships, the Honda CB500/Suzuki Bandit, Wilson Trophy and is sure to face pressure from Liam Taylor (Cannock) who will be looking to improve on his 2nd place in the Honda CB500/Suzuki Bandit class and 4th place in the Wilson Trophy.  John Pearson (Brough), is another competitor ‘aiming’ for Zschiesche this weekend, currently lying 4th in the Honda CB500/Suzuki Bandit championship.

Pearson’s son, Daniel (Brough), heads the Twin Cylinder up to 650cc class and will have to fend off closest challengers, 2nd place Ben Wilkinson (Birmingham) and 3rd place man, Paul Evans (Awsworth).  Wilkinson will also be amongst the action in the Pre-Electronic 600 races in which he is currently 5th in the standings.  At the top of these standings is Adam Sheriff (Barnsley), with Nick Clare (Winsford) 2nd, whilst Sheriff also heads the Forgotten & Classic 501-1300cc Class, with Martin Davis (Manchester), in 2nd place.  Clare is also 2nd in the Darley Cup standings.

Peter Fell (Burton on Trent) currently heads the Lightweight class and will be facing pressure from 4th place men, Mike Lees (Congleton) and Iain Davis (Ashbourne), 5th.  However, Fell has the tables turned in the Wilson Trophy class in which he is chasing leader Matt Zschiesche from his 5th position.

Daniel Stubbs (Derby) heads the Pre-Electronic Open Solo class and will have to contend with Mark Brailsford (Chesterfield) from 2nd in the standings, with Andy Boulton (Newcastle under Lyme) and Joshua Allen-Douce (Derby), looking to improve on their 4th and 5th places in the standings.

Stephen Price (Stockport) will be under similar pressure in the Forgotten Era up to 500cc class with Iain Davies, better positioned than his 5th in the Lightweight class, 10points behind Price, in 3rd place, with 4th and 5th place competitors, Mike Lees and Simon Collins (Tetbury) also entered.

Onto the three-wheeled action the leaders of both classes are entered; Dan Knight/Ben Hughes (Congleton/Northwold)  for the Formula 600 Sidecars and Martin Best/Taylor Oldroyd (Wakefield) Open Sidecar class.  The Knight/Hughes pairing will be facing pressure from 3rd, 4th and 5th place crews; Al Crowe/Ray Whitnall (Ashton under Lyme/Witham), Bill Roberts/Nick Roberts  (Coventry) and Howard Baker/Mike Killingsworth(Sutton Coldfield/Lincoln).  While the 2nd placed pairing of Steve Thomas/Danny Lewis (Wirral) will be challenging the pairing of Best/Oldroyd for Open Class honours.

The action on track is certain to be exciting and be sure to get the early to claim your vantage point, but also do not forget there is the new Chequered Flag Café to keep your taste buds entertained, opening from Friday afternoon (Friday 2pm – 8pm, Saturday 8am – 8pm, Sunday 8am – 6pm), it is certainly worth considering camping for the weekend (on offer from Friday night through to Monday morning, for just £7 per night, or £6 if booked in advance).

The action on track will  begin at 10am, with the first race scheduled for 11.30am. Advance tickets at are available now, just visit www.darleymoorstore.com: Saturday Adults £7, Seniors £5 and Sunday Adults £13, Seniors £10 (Sunday On The Day prices of £16 and £12, respectively). 


Championship Standings (after Rounds 1 & 2)

Forgotten Era & Classic up to 500cc

1st Steve Price, 30pts; 2nd Chris Barton, 24pts; 3rd Iain Davis, 20pts

Forgotten Era & Classic up to 1300cc

1st Adam Sheriff, 30pts; 2nd Martin Davis, 24pts; 3rd Martyn Cooper, 20pts

Wilson Trophy

1st Matt Zschiesche, 25pts; 2nd James Tucker, 17pts, 3rd Lee Threlfall, 16pts

Darley Cup

1st David Carson, 30pts; 2nd Nick Clare, 24pts; 3rd Aron Redmond, 20pts

Ben Godfrey Trophy

1st Mark Goodings, 30pts; 2nd Adam Walters, 24pts; 3rd Matthew Bell, 20pts

Open 600cc 2024

1st Mark Goodings & Joe Holdsworth, 27pts; 3rd David Carson, 20pts

Pre-Electronic Open Solos 2024

1st Daniel Stubbs, 30pts; 2nd Mark Brailsford & Ian McKenzie, 22pts

Open Solos

1st Mark Goodings, 30pts; Adam Walters, 24pts; 3rd Matthew Bell, 18pts

Pre-Electronic 600cc 2024

1st Adam Sheriff, 30pts; 2nd Nick Clare, 24pts; 3rd Anthony Martin, 20pts

Twin Cylinder up to 650cc

1st Daniel Pearson, 30pts; 2nd Ben Wilkinson, 24pts; 3rd Paul Evans, 20pts

Twin Cylinder 655 to 700cc

1st David Carson, 30pts; 2nd Sean Seddon, 24pts; 3rd Aron Redmond, 20pts

Lightweight Class

1st Peter Fell, 30pts; 2nd Freddy Oakley, 24pts; 3rd Chris Barton, 20pts

Honda CB500 & Suzuki Bandits

1st Matt Zschiesche, 30pts; 2nd James Tucker & Liam Taylor, 20pts

Formula 600 Sidecars

1st Dan Knight/Ben Hughes, 30pts; 2nd Richard Butler/Kenny Cole, 22pts; 3rd Al Crowe/Ray Whitnall, 18pts

Open Sidecars to 1300cc

1st Martin Best/Taylor Oldroyd, 30pts; 2nd Steve Thomas/Danny Lewis, 12pts

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