ACU 2025 Championship (and National) Enduro Date applications

Thursday June 6, 2024 at 12:02pm
In order to confirm the 2025 National and Championship dates as soon as possible and to improve the standard of the Championships, the Trials and Enduro Commission would like potential Organisers to complete the application form (Appendix A) Enduro Championships currently run by the ACU are listed at the end of this page.

Note – Please return the form asap, you may be awaiting confirmation of when you can have a venue or not to clash with something but please tell us of your intention so your event will be in the system, this is particularly important with long established events.

Please read the following to understand why we need the information

Dates - we require your preferred date and any optional dates. If you have no optional dates, please tell us but do not be disappointed if we cannot give you a round of the Championship you asked for. Likewise, if you cannot give us any options, please do not tell us after we announce the Championships that we could have run on a different date etc.

Our policy is to avoid World and European Championship rounds clashing with the British Enduro Championship in order for the best British riders to be able to compete abroad and also in our British Championships. We feel this is the correct policy to allow our riders to flourish at the highest level whilst maintaining their profile in Britain for their supporters and sponsors.

We also consider the location and timing of the championship rounds each year to avoid too many long distance events for the majority of competitors. Circumstances dictate this isn’t always possible, but we do our best.

Please note that once Championship dates have been confirmed they cannot be moved.   We appreciate that the unexpected can happen ,but people have planned ahead for the announced dates and our policy is to maintain these dates.  If you must withdraw from a Championship date, we do try to offer the date to other organisers to maintain the announced Championship dates

Championships – We would like to refresh some of the championships with some new organisers and venues, so if you are interested but unsure of what’s involved, please contact one of our commission members or office staff for assistance.

Details of Championship Event - Each year we endeavour to raise the standard of events and Championships however with new applications and old events having changes of management, we would like some idea of what you are planning e.g. start venue, type of course, facilities available, etc.

Points of Contacts – In order to effectively circulate important information to the people actually running the events,we are asking for two points of contact. Ideally this is the Secretary and the Clerk of the Course wherever possible.          

 Application forms to by the 1st August 2024 please

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