Reminder to Enduro riders from the Trials and Enduro Committee

Friday February 2, 2024 at 2:29pm

With the increase in interest in the ACU's Extreme Championship and with the Cross Country Championship about to start, we have seen an increase in new riders taking part in our events who may not be familiar with essential rules.

Below are some of the rules which as a newcomer, you might not be aware of.

In addition, this is a timely reminder to existing Enduro riders of the following Enduro Standard Rules for your next and future events with us.

Please note that when we refer to Enduro riders this includes Hare n Hounds, Cross Country, Extreme / Hard Events, Sprint Enduros as well as traditional Timecard Enduros). These regulations might seem petty and irrelevant as far as riding you bike is concerned but are in place for safety and continuation of our sport so please obey them !!!


Unless the helmet is manufactured with the camera as an intrinsic part, helmet cameras (including the helmet camera brackets) and cameras attached to the body are prohibited. Cameras attached to the machine are permitted.

ESR.23 RESTRICTED SPEED (BLUE TAPE) AREAS These areas MUST be established on the approach to the Time Control Clock and refuelling points and will be identified by BLUE TAPE defining the route. Within BLUE TAPE area riders MUST NOT exceed walking pace, under penalty of disqualification.

ESR.32 REFUELLING The following apply to Refuelling Points. Only officials, competitors and authorized helpers to be allowed access. Each service crew must supply their own fire extinguisher. Each machine being refuelled and/or serviced must be on an environment mat. The engine must be stopped when refuelling. Smoking or the use of mobile phones in refuelling points is forbidden.

ESR.33 ENVIRONMENTAL MATS Where any refuelling or servicing of a motorcycle is being undertaken, riders must provide and use an environmental mat to protect the ground. These mats are to be removed by the competitors after use. The minimum dimensions of the mat will be at least equal to the length of the motorcycle and the width of the handlebars.

ESR.49 POWER WASHERS Use of power washers is prohibited unless the organisers have suitable facilities.

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