Save 20% - Protecting Your Off-Road and Track Thrills

Monday January 22, 2024 at 10:47am
Save 20% - Protecting Your Off-Road and Track Thrills

The Crucial Role of Datatag Forensic Security for Competition Motorcycles

In the adrenaline-fueled world of off-road and closed-circuit racing motorcycles, the thrill of conquering challenging terrains and circuits can often go hand in hand with the constant worry of a garage or van break in and the loss of your pride and joy.

The unfortunate reality is that high-performance machines are prime targets for criminals due to their off-road nature and the ease with which they can be de-identified.

In most cases competition motorcycles are not road registered, meaning they don’t have a registration number and, more importantly, are not on a the DVLA database. This means that if stolen, the police have no access to accurate machine data like serial numbers and engine numbers. Criminals target competition bikes specifically to exploit the absence of easily traceable identification, removing frame and engine numbers to create a clean slate for selling stolen bikes. This not only results in financial losses for owners but also contributes to a broader issue of unregulated and illicit motorcycle trading. But much more significant how you will feel when your bike is taken, especially if it’s just before the start of the season. It’s enough to make you feel sick at the thought!

This is where Datatag forensic security emerges as the unsung hero, providing a robust solution to safeguard these powerful two-wheelers and the passion they represent.

Datatag have been providing a class leading security solution for road and competition motorcyclists since 1992 and have built up a reputation as a simple, affordable yet powerful way to help keep your bike… yours.

Datatag employs a multi-layered approach to security, effectively adding to your motorcycles manufacturer stamped markings and registering them all together on a secure police accessible 24/7 database, giving police access to all the information that they need to recover your machine.

Datatag forensic marking technology included a number of different technologies across the range of motorcycle specific systems, such as tamper-evident visible identification labels, Datadots® in a forensic adhesive, ultra-violet etches and radio frequency identify (RFID) tags.

These visible and invisible (under normal lighting conditions) markings all contain a unique code that links the bike to its rightful owner in a secure and confidential database. Even if criminals attempt to remove frame and engine numbers, the Datatag forensic marking persists, acting as an indelible link between the bike and its owner.

With identifiers strategically placed around the machine, forming an intricate web of security that is virtually impossible for thieves to find and remove, the machine is far less attractive to thieves as it can be quickly identified as stolen and with that comes trouble. In a world where every action is calculated on the basis of risk verses reward, seeing the Datatag logo on a machine is enough to make a motorcycle thief walk on by.

ACU members can take advantage of a special ACU member discount code to get 20% off the price of the entire range of Datatag motorcycle security marking systems. Simply go to: and use code DATACU24 at checkout.

Re Registration

A previously protected bike with Datatag fitted requires you to re-register the system in your name. This simple (and cheap at just £20), yet vital step ensures that the security measures remain actively tied to your ownership, leaving no room for vulnerabilities and help enormously with police investigations.

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