Member update on the new ACU system – 9th March 2023

Thursday March 9, 2023 at 8:15pm
Member update on the new ACU system – 9th March 2023

It has been just over 3 months now since the ACU Membership system went live and we have seen strong numbers of active users, both individual and organisational, and a very high number of transactions and processes completed – thank you all for your input, patience, and overall engagement.

As mentioned in the last update, we have worked through the backlog of Support Requests while simultaneously working with Sport:80 on tweaks to the system setup as well as larger projects. Please do continue to hit ‘Contact Support’ to see the library of existing Support Articles and to reach out to us directly if you do not find the answer/explanation you need.

Events Module

We are currently performing early testing on enhancements to the events module, focussed on the following requirements:

1.      Adding a default ‘Entry Group’ for event organisers to set an overall entry limit

2.      More default ‘Entry Options’ for Enduro, Motocross and Trials, where Adult Classes are often split across a range of options

Note: we are doing this because it is far quicker and easier to DELETE Entry Options rather than CREATE them

3.      Creating options for Event Organisers to determine whether their Event is Solo ONLY, Team ONLY or Solo AND Team (where applicable to the discipline)

4.      Creating areas in the Event Admin Panel for additional items:

Incidents (including Accident and Injury)

b.      Declaration of Numbers for insurance and cost purposes

c.      Steward Reports

d.      Additional Paperwork

We are also continuing to scope and define requirements around items for future enhancement:

·        Real-time amendments to Race Number requests by Event Organisers – allowing for these to also update on Event Reports dynamically

·        Addition of further information to the Waiting List area – enabling Event Organisers to better identify and communicate with those in ‘Pending’

·        Restriction of Entry by Club and/or Region - current options are the use of the Waiting List or Invitation-only features

·        Notification of ‘Permit Requests’ to be sent to Regional Centres – these notifications are currently directed to the ACU as the ‘approver’ of Permits

User Interface Upgrades

All System users will notice upgrades to the look-and-feel in various places, some of which have already happened, some of which are yet to come.

Of particular interest to Club and other Organisation role-holders will be the ‘Members Quick Search’ tool, which not only looks different but has been enhanced to allow for more dynamic searches (partial names, for example) and much quicker returns.

Watch this space for more information on upgrades to the User Interface that will directly benefit ACU Members.

Ongoing Projects

We continue to work with Sport:80 on enhancements to the CMS (Club Management System) module. For context, over 80% of requested changes have already been implemented and we will continue to adopt a ‘batch upgrade’ approach so we are able to advise Clubs and Individuals of items that are amended at a given time.

We thank you again for your feedback that has formed the foundation of our ongoing improvements to the ACU Membership System!

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