Road Rallies 2023

Friday February 24, 2023 at 2:23pm

One of the little know secrets of the ACU is they run a series of road rallies for road bikers on machines of all shapes and sizes from vintage to straight out of the showroom superbikes. So instead of riding out on the weekend to your favourite greasy spoon for a cuppa why not try a rally and do something different.

How does it work? - There's a matrix of check points that you work out your own route on and you try to visit these checkpoints, it’s not a race it’s a tour around the country, taking in beautiful roads and country side, you can do it on your own or with you mates. You get various awards depending on how many check points you visit and how many points you accumulate.

Where and When? -

13th May  – Welsh National Road Rally

1st and 2nd July – The 90th National Road Rally (England based)

2nd and 3rd September – Scottish National Road Rally

For further information

Auto-Cycle Union Ltd.
ACU House, Wood Street, Rugby.
CV21 2YX.
Telephone: 01788 566400