Member update on the new ACU system – week commencing 16th January 2023

Friday January 20, 2023 at 2:33pm
Member update on the new ACU system – week commencing 16th January 2023

Further to the Statement of 9th January, and in line with our commitment to keep all Centres / Clubs / Recognised Promoters / Licence holders informed, we will communicate key updates such as this.

Club Membership

Users can now add multiple club memberships in the ‘Club & Team Affiliation’ section of their profile. If you have multiple club memberships and wish to add these to your profile, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Log in to using your email address and password
  • Click ‘View Profile’ and select the ‘Club & Team Affiliations’ option
  • Click the ‘ADD CLUB & TEAM AFFILIATION’ button (positioned top right)
  • Select ‘Club Membership’
  • Complete the form selecting the relevant Club

    The Club you select will be sent an e-mail requesting approval of the Club Membership record.

    This update will mean that each Club you are affiliated to can separately approve your Club Memberships.

    It also means that payments made on the Club Websites will generate new items in the Club & Team Affiliations section of your profile.

    Club Websites (the ‘CMS’)

    Several enhancements are being made to this module in line with the user experience feedback of ACU Members, the main items of the first version batch upgrade being:

  • All member profiles in your account will display in the club management system
  • Users can specify which member to purchase a club membership for when buying through the club website.  As an example, a parent who is a licence holder who has other family members can manage multiple memberships to cover other members of his/her family.
  • Duplicate payments for club memberships will now be blocked
  • Promoters and Clubs will be able to access the club management system to setup websites (and for Promoters to sell Memberships in the way Clubs do). 

    These enhancements will work in tandem with the changes made to the Club Membership records in the ACU Membership System (as specified above). This means individual members can join and make payment to multiple clubs, and subsequently be included in all their Club Member lists.

    Ongoing Projects

    Other items we have identified as the top priorities based on user feedback currently being worked on include:

  • Automated creation and distribution of Event Permits
  • Clubs to be able to Approve or Reject ‘Club Membership – Approval’ records of from within the System (rather than just by e-mail)
  • The ability for Event Organisers to control whether they sell One-Event Licences for any given event
  • Changes to the way Approval Required e-mails behave, giving the Organisations that make the approvals more control
  • Allowing Event Organisers to fully preview Event Entry Forms from the Event Admin Panel
  • These projects will not apply to everyone, but we hope that by listing them here, we are providing transparency both in terms of what is underway and that there is a significant amount of work in progress.

    The ACU continues to work with Sport:80 to enhance and evolve the membership system as per the requirements of those who use it.  Thank you again for your continued feedback and patience during this seismic change.

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