ACU Southern Centre Trials Championship 2023

Wednesday January 4, 2023 at 10:56pm

The ACU Southern Centre Trials Championship for 2023 comprise of nine core rounds, three additional “Classic” rounds for Pre-67, Twin Shock and Rigid machines and additional Youth Rounds. The additional youth rounds will be subject to Club sponsorship.

Due to the nature of the terrain at some venues not all core events will support all Youth Classes.





5th March

Alton & District MCC

The Kenchington

Centre Round

23rd April

Bridport & Weymouth MCC

The Caslake Cup

Centre Round

30th April

XHG Tigers MCC

PDCCF Charity Trial

Youth only Round

7th May

Waltham Chase MCC

The George Greenland

Centre Round

6th August

Alton & District MCC

The Selborne Solo

Centre Round

2nd September


Two Day Trial

Centre Round

3rd September


Two Day Trial

Centre Round

10th September

Bridport & Weymouth MCC

The West Dorset Trophy Trial

Centre Round

17th September

Waltham Chase MCC

The Geoff Chandler

Centre Round

24th September

Farnham & District

The Phil Mellers

Pre-67 and Twin-shock

8th October

Waltham Chase MCC

The Keith Marshall

Pre-67 and Twin-shock

29th October

Ringwood MCC & LCC

The Perce Simon

Centre Round

19th November

Aldermaston Nomads

The Mike Slatter Trial

Pre-67 and Twin-shock

2023 Dates Calendar


Centre Championship Classifications for 2023

Expert – “Solo Star Award” (A Route)

Clubman Expert - (50/50 B & A Routes)

Clubman – (B Route -Any Age)

Past Master – (50/50 C & B Route - Rider over 50)

Sportsman – (50/50 C & B routes)

Veteran - Over 50 (C Route)

Novice - Under 50 (C Route)

Pre-67 (C Route) “The George Allan Award   

Pre-67 (D Route)                           

Twin Shock (C Route)

Air Cooled Mono C

Twin Shock (D Route)

Youth A, B, C


For all 50/50 Classes the first route shown is the Primary Route. There will be a number of specified sections, confirmed at the start, ridden at the higher class. These sections will be clearly indicated at the section Start.

Additional Classic Round Classes

Rigid – Girder Forks

Rigid – Tele Forks


Clubs may include additional non-championship classes at any Championship event they run on a no points basis.


For each round points are allocated as shown:

Best performance 20 points, then 17,15,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, and 1 for 15th place in each class.

Only the first 15 finishers in each class shall be awarded points.

Points will not be awarded to “Out of Centre” entrants, or competitors riding out of class for one event.

The number of events to count in the core series for each competitor will be the total number of events in the series less two. (i.e., A rider finishing in all 9 core rounds would have their worst two scores deducted)

For the Pre-67 and Twin Shock classes the number of events to count in the series for each competitor will be the total number of events in the series less three.


Awards will be presented for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each class. (Subject to a minimum class entry of ten)

Award winners and partners will be invited as complimentary guest of “The ACU Southern Centre” to an annual Awards Presentation in early 2024, to be presented their awards.

Method of Scoring

RuleTSR22A, “Stop Permitted”, will be used at the nine core Centre Rounds.


Non-Stop, TSR22B rules will be applied at the three Pre-65 and Twin-shock rounds.


Route Marking

Organisers will provide the details of route marking and the colours used in the event Supplementary Regulations.

The Centre is aiming to adopt standard route marking; however, this may not be in place for the 2023 season.

Rider Numbers

Event organisers will provide “number card”, which will indicate the route colour to be ridden, to all entrants for each Championship Round.


Organising Clubs will publish all necessary information in the event Supplementary Regulations, the ACU Website, The Sporting Motorcyclist and on their own Club Websites.

A programme, showing the entrants Club, will be produced by the organising Club.

Results will be uploaded by hosting Clubs to their own Website

The Championship League table will be updated after each event and published in the Sporting Motorcyclist and posted on Facebook.

Competitors should check Club Websites and the Southern Centre Facebook page for event information and updates.

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