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Little Hempston – NORA MX Championship

Monday August 1, 2022 at 10:11am
Little Hempston – NORA MX Championship

The NORA MX Club hosted the fifth round of the NORA MX championships of 2022 at Little Hempston in Devon. It was part of another fantastic two-day quad championship event which incorporated the fourth round of the Quad British Championship and the fourth round of the NORA sidecar Championship.

After the extreme temperatures over the past week the ground was dry but was considerably cooler for this weekend’s racing. Day one saw a few light showers, and some rain overnight which helped with the dust, and day two was cloudy with no further rain. There was a bit of dust but otherwise conditions were great.

The track was set into the Devon countryside with few flat straights but most of the track was on the hill side with many long fast up or down hills and a few adverse cambers and downhill jumps to make things interesting.

This weekend was a slightly different format. The Pro / Pro-am / Rookies run as a 5-race weekend with the three races in day two counting towards the British Quad Championship, all other quad classes raced as a 5-race weekend and the sidecars as a 3-race single day event.

In the sidecar class, it was great to see Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain. As a GP team they couldn’t win NORA championship points but joined the regular teams in three great races. In race one Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain took an early lead blasting ahead to take their first win of the day. Paul Pelling / Mike Curnow tucked into second but were chased from behind, with Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson fighting past Tony Murch / John Murch and closing on second position. The style of the track made passing difficult, so it took them a few laps, but they worked hard to find a gap moving into second. Paul Pelling / Mike Curnow held third, but behind them there was drama, Tony Murch / John Murch took a tumble leaving them track side and Tony Green / Jason Green skidded off the track with the help of a front puncture but went over the bank and into the bushes, unfortunately that was the end to their day’s racing and their championship lead. That left Taylor Whitt with stand-in passenger Harlie Lloyd to take fourth.

In race two it was Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain who led from bend one to take a second great win. Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson charged past Paul Pelling / Mike Curnow to take second with Tony Murch / John Murch putting their race one problems behind them to hold fourth.

In the final sidecar race of the day Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain one again dominated, taking their third win of the day. Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson held second from the start, this time the big battle was for third with Paul Pelling / Mike Curnow working hard to pass John Murch/ Tony Murch.

In the Pro / Pro-am / Rookie class, racing got underway with a great win for Harry Walker, passing Jamie Morgan early in the race. Dafydd Davies fought through to third just ahead of Tom Day.

In Race two, Harry Walker quickly took the lead holding on for a great win, behind George Day took second with Sheldon Seal recovering from a slow start to take a great third place just ahead of Jamie Morgan.

On day two there were another three great races, these were also part of the British Quad Championship. In the first Championship race Mark McLernon took an early lead, holding on his first win of the day. Behind Harry Walker fought through to take second passing Oli Sansom by the half-way point. Behind, Jamie Morgan was determined and pushed hard to gain another place taking third with Oli Sansom and Dafydd Davies close behind.

In race two No 3 Oli Sansom took the hold shot blasting into an early lead chased by Mark McLernon who battled hard to pass within the first few laps, going on to take his second win. Oli Sansom held second with Harry Walker passing Dafydd Davies to take third, but disaster struck for Harry when he was left track side with a mechanical issue and had to be towed back to the pits. Jamie Morgan recovered well from a slow start to take third just ahead of Dafydd Davies.

In their final race of the weekend Harry Walker was determined, despite Mark McLernon getting the hold shot, he worked hard to find a way past and held a safe lead until the very last lap, the bike started to smoke and he slowed, it was clear there were mechanical problems but could he hang on for the last help a lap, he tried to get the bike over the line, but had to push the bike for the final few bends, as long as he wasn’t helped and still has his helmet on, that is within the rules. This left Mark McLernon to take a third win and extend his championship lead. Jamie Morgan took a safe third with Zak Orchard (from the under 21 class) behind in fourth, having his best race position of the season. The Championship lead stays with Mark McLernon and despite the problems Harry Walker holds second.

The Masters A and B class, they had three races on Saturday and another two on Sunday. In race one Darren Bridge took the holeshot but Johnathan Mcknight battled past in the first few laps, Paul Winrow battled back from a slow start to take third passing Darren Bridge in the final few laps. Greg Fisher took fourth with Ed Davies recovering from bike problem on the line to blast through for a brilliant fifth place.

In race two it was Ed Davies put his race one problems behind his to dominate, holding the lead, and staying ahead of Paul Winrow with Johnathan Mcknight holding a safe third. Matthew Kirk had a great start fourth for the first few laps but was passed by Greg Fisher with Darren Bridge just behind in fifth.

On day two there were another three races. In Race three Johnathan Mcknight took an early lead but was under strong competition from his rivals. Paul Winrow blasted past to take the win with Ed Davies staying close in second. Greg Fisher and Darren Bridge battle for third with holding Johnathan Mcknight.

In race four Ed Davies took an early lead holding on for the win. Paul Winrow and Johnathan Mcknight battled for second with Paul Winrow holding the advantage. Another consistent race Greg Fisher in fourth with Chris Keitch just behind.

In their last race of the weekend, it was Ed Davies who took the hole shot but this time Paul Winrow was determined fighting hard to take the lead and his second win of the weekend. Behind, Johnathan Mcknight took third ahead of Greg Fisher with problems for Darren Bridge, he was battling hard to challenge for fourth, but touched Greg Fisher’s rear wheel and took a bad tumble and a trip to see the medics.

In the 250 class it was Ross Dillon who dominated taking wins in all five races with Alfie Pennington close behind and taking second overall. Luke Dillon was third overall a few points ahead of Frank Marston.

The Clubman Elite and Clubman classes raced together. They also had three races on Saturday and another two on Sunday. Joe Pryke took two wins on day one, but it was Tom Roch who took the overall win with good races finished all weekend and three great wins. Christopher Bladon took second overall.

In the intermediates, Archie Welch won the first race, but it was Kieran Marriott who took the overall win with two wins and consistent great races across the weekend. With one win each Tom Welch and Kieren Johnson held the top three places.

Brodie North took three wins in the 50/100 but it was Liam McGowan who took the overall with five great races. Luca Shaw battled hard to take third overall a few pints ahead of Amelia Talent.

After another fantastic weekend we look forward to the final two rounds: RD6 - Sept 11th - North Nibley and RD7 - Oct 1st & 2nd - Culham


Results: Nora MX British Quad Rd5 & Sidecar Rd4, Nora-Mx Quad Racing, United Kingdom - Official Event Results, MYLAPS Speedhive


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