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Sudbury MCC - GH Motorcycles Hare & Hound Centre Championship 2nd Round - 13th March 2022

Tuesday March 15, 2022 at 1:02pm
Sudbury MCC - GH Motorcycles Hare & Hound Centre Championship 2nd Round - 13th March 2022
Worries of a flooded course following heavy rain the previous week proved unwarranted as the track had dried to near perfect conditions for the second round of the GH Motorcycles solo championship. The first event of the year for Sudbury MCC didn’t disappoint and welcomed back hundreds of spectators to enjoy the two-and-a-half-hour event with 130 starters from the whole Eastern centre region.

The track was beautifully graded and laid out by the busy army of helpers and committee members who worked tirelessly following the havoc wreaked by storm Eunice and rode beautifully providing a mix of open farmland and natural woodland. The two bogs proved a deciding factor separating the riders dramatically with a much shorter harder option through the bog for the brave and fearless who weren’t frightened to tackle it flat out or a much longer drier twisty option for those playing safe. The first few laps saw riders getting to grips with slippery logs in the tight wooded section, with few places to overtake it was all about the technique of tackling the obstacles as quickly as possible till the field stretched out.

With each of the five classes setting off in rows of 40 at 30 second intervals the track was soon buzzing with bikes and back markers were being lapped by the championship and expert riders within the first lap. Fitness was key over the lengthy race though it proved too much for some so early in the season with 19 riders failing to finish out of the 130 starters.

A well-deserved Championship win for Luke Parker from Norwich Vikings on 23 Laps making it his first win in this current series, over Ben Clark on 22 laps with Jamie Roper in third place three minutes behind on the same Lap Score.

The Sudbury Club look forward to welcoming everyone back to Foxborough on the 8th May for the third round in this 6 race Eastern Region championship series.

Championship Class

1st Luke Parker 23 Laps

2nd Ben Clark 22 Laps

3rd Jamie Roper 22 Laps

4th Ben Cole 22 Laps

5th Christopher Hockey 21 laps

6th Jack Sheppard 21 Laps


Expert Class

1st Joseph Hall 21 Laps

2nd Toby Morley 20 Laps

3rd Shaun Leggett 20 Laps

4th Jack Austin 20 Laps

5th James Yearly 20 Laps

6th Adam Durkin 20 Laps



1st Max Agar 20 Laps

2nd Robert Armitage 19 Laps

3rd Ben Jones 18 Laps

4th Gus Oblein 18 Laps

5th Lloyd Barker 18 Laps

6th Jonathan masters 18 Laps


Clubman Vet

1st Jason Green 17 Laps

2nd Simon Davies 17 Laps

3rd Jason Carsboult 17 Laps

4th Raymond Otoka 17 Laps

5th Spencer Newland 16 Laps

6th Chris Welch 16 Laps


Sportsman Vet

1st John Hilton 18 Laps

2nd Alan Vissian 18 Laps

3rd Paul Belton 17 Laps

4th Graham Mays 17 Laps

5th Jeremy Moss 16 Laps

6th Nigel Ross 16 Laps


Expert Vet

1st Paul Spurgeon 18 Laps

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