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20% Discount with Datatag and the ACU

Saturday January 1, 2022 at 12:00pm
20% Discount with Datatag and the ACU


Datatag systems provide multiple layers of technology to create an almost irremovable identity for your bike. Thieves can easily remove your vehicle's engine and frame numbers, and they are aware that the chances of the police being able to identify the machine afterwards are virtually nil. That's why the Datatag system is so effective.

As well as including various visible identification numbers our system includes state of the art 'tags' or transponders programmed with a unique code, which is registered to your vehicle. These transponders are hidden throughout your vehicle and are virtually impossible to find and remove successfully without damaging the vehicle.

As part of your ACU membership, you receive exclusive discounts for any Datatag System to protect your motorbike, trailer and even your bicycle. All products are available to buy on the Datatag webshop,


Datatag includes unique RFID transponders that provide an electronic ‘finger print’ to key components the system also uses ‘stealth’ UV etching and includes hundreds of Datadots® with forensic DNA embedded in the adhesive for minor components.

There are no annual fees or charges when fitting Datatag and when you come to sell your motorcycle you’ll find that the Datatag registration can be easily transferred to the new owner.

System Contents:

  • Flat RFID Transponders
  • Glass RFID Transponders
  • UV Stencils
  • UV Etch Fluid
  • Datadots with forensic DNA
  • Warning Decals

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