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FPR Suzuki Bandit Rookies

Thursday December 16, 2021 at 11:42am

Following the great success of the FPR Suzuki Bandit Challenge and then the FPR Suzuki Bandit Seniors Cup, we are very proud to announce the launch the FPR Suzuki Bandit Rookies Shield!

From our humble beginnings, back in 2016, we have always promoted a friendly and inclusive paddock, where riders help other riders, those who may be having difficulties with their bike, or suffered a crash, will be found surrounded by their competitors, rallying round to get the bike fixed, to get them back out for the next race!

Even though we are a small ACU affiliated club and therefore ‘piggyback’ off a larger club (NG Road Racing), we always have our own dedicated paddock area, where you will find a very friendly atmosphere. We have regular Saturday evening BBQ’s (pre Covid), which we plan to start again as soon as regulations will allow.

So, with this club ethos in mind, we have decided to set up the FPR Suzuki Bandit Rookies!

This new programme is aimed at helping and encouraging new riders to get the most from their racing and their race weekend.

Within Formula Prostocks Racing Club, we have a number of riders with a great wealth of experience and knowledge of racing, these riders will be a key part of the Bandit Rookies programme, helping with both on and off track guidance.

The series is open to anyone who has never raced on track before and racing in the Bandit series.

The race weekend will start with a Thursday evening track walk (depending on what time we can get access to the paddock), but if this is not feasible, then we will have a riders briefing.

Friday test day will start with the first track session, where the Rookies will start at the back of the group and following one of experienced designated riders, to show them the racing line.

After this and each subsequent track session, there will be several FPR riders available to answer any questions that anyone might have.

At the end of each afternoon session, there will be an opportunity to do a practise start in a designated part of the circuit, which each Rookie will participate.

At the end of Friday’s proceedings, there will be a riders briefing, (this will also be open to any Rookies, who may not have been able to attend the test day!), followed by a track walk, where the Rookies can ask questions and we can discuss on track where they might be having issues and give guidance and advise.

Saturday and Sunday race days, there will be support from trackside, we will have several ‘spotters’ around the circuit and then be available after the races and throughout the day to answer any questions and give continued guidance.

At the end of Racing Saturday, there will be another briefing where we can assess how the day has gone and of course answer any further questions. There may also be the opportunity to do another track walk, to discuss any specific issues if required.

There will be a Rookies trophy at each round of the Championship. This is not necessarily going to the highest finishing Rookie (as that could well be the same rider each time) but could be awarded for the most improved Rookie or the Rookie that may have reached certain goals that have been set out.

In addition to this, there will be the overall Rookie shield. This is an annual trophy, given to the winner of the FPR Suzuki Bandit Rookies Championship. The winner will get to ‘own’ the trophy Shield for a year and have their name engraved on one of the small silver shields mounted on the trophy. The following year it will be returned and then presented to the next Rookies Champion!

So if you fancy a go at racing and would be interested in joining the FPR Suzuki Bandit Rookies programme, then please contact us for further information.

0844 500 8565

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