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Nora MX ACU Championship – West Meon – Final Round

Tuesday October 12, 2021 at 10:02am
Nora MX ACU Championship – West Meon – Final Round

This Nora Championship event was hosted by the Nora MX team at the West Meon track in Hampshire. This was round 7 for the sidecars, but Round 10 for the Quads, and the final Nora event of the season.

The weather was great for the time of the year, mostly dry, hot and sunny with a few drizzle showers in the morning, although the track was quite boggy from recent rain.

To send a message of condolence to the Grahame family and friends at the sad and untimely loss of motorsport legend Alan Grahame, there was a Sidecar memorial Lap for everyone to show their respects. It was proceeded with a “rev-up” on the line by the full sidecar class and was led by Alan’s son Tony – very emotional for all who were there to witness – but also a time to remember Alan, a friend to everyone in the sidecar family.

The sidecars are split into two classes, with just Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain in the GP class, racing without collecting any championship points. Everyone else was contesting the “Sidecar National Open Berkshire Cycles Championship”. At the start of the day Jack Etheridge / Jim Kinge held the championship lead just 13 points ahead of Sam Osbaldiston / Harley Lloyd, but Sam was absent after the birth of his first child. Sam and Chelsie have a healthy son named Ozzy - Congratulations to them both.

In race 1 Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson took the holeshot and an early lead from Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain, but they were on a charge and blasted into the lead on lap one going on to take the win. Jack Etheridge / Jim Kinge held third with Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson fighting through to fourth and closing the gap but didn’t find a way past.  Behind Lee Foyle with the help of stand in passenger Dan Chamberlain had a safe race in fifth. Matthew Connor / Jake Grahame worked hard to take sixth just ahead of Tony Murch / John Murch.

In Race 2 Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain took the holeshot going on to take a second win. Tony Murch / John Murch had a great start and held second with Jack Etheridge / Jim Kinge third, but they blasted past to hold second but there were more challenges from behind. Lee Foyle / Dan Chamberlain were proving a formidable pair and kept pushing until they found a way into second, Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson were close behind with Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson joining the three way battle. Tony Murch / John Murch did well to hold fifth with Matthew Connor / Jake Grahame closing in on them but had to settle for sixth. Jack Etheridge / Jim Kinge seemed to get the wheels clogged with the sticky mud which slowed them considerably but held seventh, all points counting toward the championship title.

In the final sidecar race Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain took the lead from Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson. There was a crash on bend one with Tony Murch / John Murch and Paul Pelling / Jack Wilkinson getting delayed and started from the back, although Jack Wilkinson was almost awarded special points for the artistic content of his airborne acrobatics. Lee Foyle / Dan Chamberlain tucked into third with Jack Etheridge / Jim Kinge fourth but fighting hard to find a way past. Behind Matthew Connor / Jake Grahame battled with Rob Oldfield / Faye Barnes for fifth place.

Tony Grahame/ Liam Hodges took the overall championship win, a fitting tribute that Tony dedicated to his Dad.

Lee Foyle / Dan Chamberlain took second overall just ahead of Jack Etheridge / Jim Kinge, but that was enough points for them to take the championship win.

Pos        No.                     Name                                                         Championship Total

1             27                        Jack Etheridge / Jim Kinge                  592

2             11                        Paul Pelling / Jack Wilkinson             528

3             145                     Lee Foyle / Kevin Foyle                        493

4             114                     Sam Osbaldiston / Harley Lloyd       478

5             16                        Tilo Maguire/ Toby Hutchins             466

6             110                     John Murch/ Tony Murch                   430

7             6                          Tony Grahame/ Liam Hodges           395

8             177                     Ashlie Williams / Brian Gray              380

9             77                        Rob Oldfield / Faye Barnes                372

10           56                        Luke Banks / Daniel Spencer             338


In the quad class there were the usual Six classes Pro / Pro Am, Clubman Elite / Masters A, Clubman / Masters B, Intermediates and Ladies, 250cc Open and Air Cooled, 100cc Geared and Auto with 50cc Auto.

The Pro races were fast a furious with plenty of action. They started the day with Mark McLernon leading the championship just a few points ahead of Dafydd Davies and Dean Dillon, and the challenges went right to the final race. In race one Dafydd Davies took the holeshot with Mark McLernon second. Disaster struck early for Dean Dillon who was left track side with mechanical problems. Dafydd Davies was on a charge a few bends ahead but Mark McLernon didn’t let him get away, it was a close race but Dafydd took his first win of the day. Behind there was a close battle for third with George Day and Jamie Morgan just ahead of Harry Walker in fifth.

Race 2 started with an early lead for Dafydd Davies, he was determined to repeat his race one victory and gain the championship lead, but the pressure from behind was strong with Harry Walker in second, George Day third ahead of Mark McLernon, but he was battling back after a slow start to take third. George Day held fourth until Jamie Morgan blasted past with Dean Dillon holding a close sixth. A close race where passing was difficult.

In the final Pro / Pro Am race of the day Mark McLernon took the lead from the start but there was a close battle he was challenged by Dafydd Davies who moved ahead at the halfway point and taking a third win and enough points to grab the championship win. Harry Walker was seventh but also very determined managing to find a way through to third and challenging for second passing Mark McLernon on the final lap, mostly taking advantage of the high berms and blasting round the outside of his rivals. Tom Day held a safe fourth ahead of Dean Dillon and George Day.

Pos        No.                     Name                                                         Championship Total

1             15                        Dafydd Davies                                         673

2             919                     Mark McLernon                                     667

3             24                        Jamie Morgan                                         593

4             136                     Dean Dillon (U21)                                  573

5             7                          Harry Walker                                           559

6             8                          Alfie Walker (U21)                                 443 (Pro Am championship winner)

7             585                     Carl Bunce                                                434

8             538                     Chad Beevers                                         422

9             74                        Jack Naylor                                               404

10           42                        Kevin Meenagh                                      396


The Clubman Elite raced with the Masters A group, Race 1 started with an early lead for Luke Berlyn, who held the advantage throughout to take a great win. Behind Iestyn Rees tucked into second, Dylan Mckenna took third.

In Race 2 Dylan Mckenna didn’t leave anything to chance, taking an early lead but Luke Berlyn fought back to take the lead within the first few laps. Iestyn Rees tucked in behind holding third.

In the final race of the day, Dylan Mckenna took a great win, leading from the start. This time Dylan Mckenna recovered from a slow start to take second after Iestyn Rees slowed with a problem, Ryan Walters took third.

Pos        No.                     Name                                                         Championship Total

1             48                        Luke Berlyn                                              976

2             5                          Dylan Mckenna                                      795

3             95                        Iestyn Rees (U21)                                  742

4             116                     Scott Berlyn                                             705

5             69                        Catrin Davies (L)                                     620


In the Masters A group, Edward Davies had a good day taking three great wins and holding the championship lead to take the title.

Pos        No.                     Name                                                         Championship Total

1             16                        Edward Davies                                        976

2             99                        Johnathan Mcknight                            850

3             22                        Darren Bridge                                         753

4             7                          Chris Keitch                                              746

5             29                        John Hall                                                    719


The Clubman raced with the Masters B group, Race 1 started with an early lead for Oliver Martin, but Lewis Painter was on top form blasting into the lead, Tom Bainbridge recovered from a slow start to take second with Oliver Martin holding third.

In Race 2 Lewis Painter didn’t leave anything to chance leading from the start to take a second great win. Tom Bainbridge tucked in behind holding second ahead of Jamie Smith.

In the final race of the day, Lewis Painter took a third great win, again leading from the start. Jamie Smith held a safe second with a battle for third with Tom Bainbridge fighting into third.

Pos        No.                     Name                                                         Championship Total

1             152                     Harry Koller                                              817

2             58                        Luke Brown                                              761

3             18                        Connor Paxton                                       757

4             212                     Will Mead                                                750

5             1                          Lewis Painter                                           667


In the Masters B group, Stumpy Lawrence had a good day taking three consistent finishes to take the overall win with the championship title going to Matthew Kirk.

Pos        No.                     Name                                                         Championship Total

1             6811                   Matthew Kirk                                          835

2             40                        Steven Smart                                          762

3             686                     Stumpy Lawrence (V)                          738

4             812                     Jason Hall                                                  654

5             38                        Christopher Gyles (V)                          636


RESULTS: Nora MX ACU Quad R10 Sidecar Rd7, Nora-Mx Quad Racing, United Kingdom - Official Event Results, MYLAPS Speedhive


Report and Photos by Tracy Thacker

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