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New Championship Records at Recent Festival of Power

Wednesday July 14, 2021 at 11:10am
New Championship Records at Recent Festival of Power

The weather forecast earlier in the week leading up to the event, was not good. But it stayed dry and there was a rare tailwind for all three days.  There were new championship records set at the event and personal records.

Top Fuel Bike.

Neil Midgley set new personal best during qualifying 6.284-198.98 to lead the field. But had damaged a cylinder head and piston.  Steve Woollatt had clutch issue, which affected his 60ft and 330ft times and ran a best of 6.458-199.01.  Al Smith had a mis-fire and the team tracked it down to a magneto and qualified 7.437-148.18.  Allan Davies damaged to bottom end of his motor and was out of the show.  Nick Milburn had various cylinder head issues, which could not be repaired at the track.

Woollatt put a holeshot over Smith in the semi-final but slowed at ¾ track and Smith also had a problem and took the win light.

Midgley had a bye run in the final with Smith a no show.  Midgley recorded his first ACU Top Fuel Bike win and ran a personal best speed of 202.56.

Funny Bike.

Stuart Crane dominated Funny Bike setting a new ACU ET record of 6.492 during qualifying.  Len Paget on his Pro Stock bike was Crane’s nearest challenger 7.504.  Tony Clark ran a personal best of 7.589 but an exhaust valve broke on the next session when he was burning out.  Kevin Osman made his first appearance of the year and ran 7.907 with his modified bike.

Crane beat Jiri Lukes in round one of the eliminations and had a bye to the final.  Paget red lit against Dave Peters and met Osman in the semis.  Osman struggled to get off the start line in the semi-final and Peters was gone, running 7.518-168 best run of the w/end.

Crane turned the wick up and ran 6.521 at a new ACU Speed record of 207.92 to take the win against Peters.

Comp Bike.

Louis Davies knocked over 2/10th of his personal best during Fridays qualifying sessions and set a new ACU ET record of 7.026 with a personal best speed of 184.  Sean Mills was in number two spot with 7.345 with a new ACU Speed record of 198.02.  Chris Neary ran a personal best speed in the opening session at 180.66 but at the expense of a piston and was out of the show.  Jordan Kenway got his turbo sorted out and qualified for this event with personal best figures of 9.372-140.70 and ran faster in a later session with 142.60.

Davies beat Kenway in the first semi and Mills had a bye run.  In the final it was all Davies from start to finish, taking the win light 7.161-179 to Mills 8.333-134.

Super Street Bike.

The quickest ever eight bike field was set in qualifying of 7.355 in ACU Championship and is quicker than the FIM Championship of 7.589.  Steve Venables led the field with 6.937-214.89.  Newcomer Alan Morrison Jr had his best ever w/end getting quicker and faster on every run and qualify 7.022 199.89.  Riding Richard Stubbins old bike, quicker than Stubbins had run.  Mark Hope was another rider having a great w/end with best figures of 7.181-206.13 (his first 200mph plus during the w/end) Stephen Mead was next 7.227-199.62. Mark Dainty 7.284, Alex Hope 7.320, newcomer Jake Mechaell 7.321 and Graham Dance on the historic bump spot 7.355.  Ross Morrison was the non qualifier with personal bests of 7.686-186.60.

Graham Dance had an engine issue and missed the eliminations, so Ross Morrison came in as first alternate. Venables turned the wick up and ran a jaw dropping 6.800 at 218.95 (meaning the 214.89 is a new ACU Speed record) against Morrison personal best 7.533.  The Hope brothers raced off and Alex took the win 7.098 at 209.13 (but huge smoke in the shutdown area) Mark ran 7.207-204.  Next up one of the best races of the day Morrison Jr ran his first 200mph with 7.120 against Jake Mechaell best figures of 7.212-195.57.  Mead beat Dainty.  There was a shock in the first semi-final Venables had a wastepipe fall off and did a wheelie with 40lbs of boost off the start line against Mead who won with 7.103-206.  In the other semi Morrison Jr ran another personal best 7.008-203.24 (almost his first six in his second event).

It was a great race in the final with Morrison Jr winning his first ACU Super Street Bike 7.028 to Mead losing 7.115.

Report By Steven Moxley

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