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Time to get ready to race by protecting your bike with Datatag

Tuesday March 9, 2021 at 2:12pm
Time to get ready to race by protecting your bike with Datatag

Following the news that racing can begin from 29 March it’s time to get your bikes ready for racing again. During this preparation remember to add a Datatag marking system to help protect your bike from theft. ACU members have a 20% discount off all Datatag marking systems for bikes and trailers.

The system is easy to fit yourself with no need for specialist equipment. The system consists of multiple different technologies that give your bike a unique identity. These technologies include:

1.      Visible warning label that shows that your bike has been registered and will be traceable

2.      Visible and hidden radio frequency tag used by police to quickly verify your bikes identity

3.      Tamper Evident labels that have unique numbers to make it easy to identify your bike

4.      Hidden Datadots® that are scattered across your bike as a last resort for police. These are almost impossible to fully remove if a thief tries to strip the identity of your bike

Using both these visible and hidden markings, the system is near impossible to remove and is used by police to identify your bike if it is stolen.  The Datatag systems gives your bike an easy identifier for police when you report it stolen. Rather than trying to describe it or use complicated serial numbers which can be misread or mistyped, simply provide the police with your unique identity and they will have access to all of the information about your bike.

As an ACU member you have a 20% discount across the Datatag range. This will provide you with the technology to tag your bike, together with lifetime registration on the Database. All for one low-cost payment. If you sell your bike you can simply re-register to the new owner for a small fee.

Datatag have a range of systems for your entire motorbike collection. To find out more or order your kit visit

Use the ACU member code ACUMEMBER2021 for your 20% discount.

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