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ACU Trials and Enduro Update Regarding Event Calendars from Mick Wren

Thursday March 25, 2021 at 2:10pm
ACU Trials and Enduro Update Regarding Event Calendars from Mick Wren

It has come to our attention that Social Media discussions relating to the likelihood of events taking place or not or being rearranged or not have now appeared in the media.

Compiling the annual events calendar is one of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks we do throughout the whole year. We are now faced with a situation where we are having to rearrange what we already had into half, or less, of the time it was originally intended.

On an almost daily basis we are receiving information of events cancelled or organisers seeking an alternative date and we are doing everything we can to accommodate them.

For many years we have held the belief that once a championship series has been declared then those dates will not be altered to enable riders to commit to the series and plan their year. This has now been removed to create a fluid, flexible and “can do” approach to moving forwards and making events happen, all we ask is that all involved do the same.

It should be obvious that publishing new calendars on a weekly basis is a pointless exercise if they have to be changed again two days later. Many officials and volunteers from the FIM to small clubs in your area are spending many hours trying to get events to fit and to make sure as many happen as is realistically possible.

As soon as any definite information is available it will be made public, scaremongering and misinformation doesn’t help anyone.

We’re in it together

Mick Wren

ACU Trials and Enduro

Committee Chairman

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