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Save Money and Add Protection to your bike with Datatag

Monday December 21, 2020 at 3:25pm
Save Money and Add Protection to your bike with Datatag

Exclusive 20% discount for ACU members

With a new racing season on the horizon the last thing you want is to have your bike stolen before you even get a chance to race. When you register as an ACU member in 2021 you will receive a 20% discount off all Datatag Motorbike systems. Visit their shop now to find out more

What is Datatag?

Datatag is a proven and powerful theft deterrent. The system adds layers of identification to your bike and parts. This unique identity is registered on a secure database which is accessible to police worldwide, 24/7. Making your bike easier to identify and more likely to be recovered if it is stolen.

Unlike other security systems, Datatag can be purchased for a fixed one-off fee with no annual subscriptions or hidden charges.

What is included in a Datatag System?

A Datatag system is made up of three layers, making it impossible for a thief to remove them all.
Forensic technology – Microdots holding a unique DNA which can be used to identify the bike
Invisible technology – UV etching, transponder button tag and hidden glass transponder tags
Visible technology – Transponder label, multiple ID labels, QR code label, and resin warning label

How does Datatag work?

By marking your bike, you are making it harder for thieves to steal them. If a thief is found with a Datatagged bike, Police are easily able to identify the bike and prosecute the thief. Making your bike riskier for a thief to steal. The more bikes we add to our Database, the more risk there is for thieves.

How do I report my bike as stolen?

First you must notify the police to receive a crime number. Then simply call the Datatag team with your membership number and crime number. They will then flag your bike as stolen on their secure database.

If the police find your bike, they can check the status with Datatag and find the rightful owner.

If the bike is resold, new registrants can check the status of the bike through the database to find out if it is stolen. Then police will be notified to recover the bike where possible.


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