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Captain Sir Thomas Moore’s Motorbike Discovered

Friday June 5, 2020 at 12:56pm
Captain Sir Thomas Moore’s Motorbike Discovered

The Bradford Industrial Museum has discovered that one of the motorbikes in its collection was raced in competition events by a young Captain Tom Moore.

Bradford Council's museums and galleries service said the fundraising veteran raced the Scott Flying Squirrel in local club events. Capt Tom, who is originally from Keighley, West Yorkshire was a keen motorcyclist and won numerous motorcycling trophies.

Capt Tom raised more than £32m for NHS charities by walking 100 laps of his garden at his Bedfordshire home before his 100th birthday in April.

His efforts were lauded around the world and last month it was announced he was to be knighted, after a special nomination from the prime minister. His official title will be Captain Sir Thomas Moore under Ministry of Defence protocol.

In response to the museum's find, Captain Tom said: "This is absolutely extraordinary. Who could have imagined this most amazing and poignant part of my story should come back to life.

"I remain overwhelmed by the incredible things that keep happening to me and extend my gratitude and thanks to everyone involved."

The bike was restored in the 1950s by photographer C.H Wood, who used it to compete in scrambling races. It also needed to be re-registered and the number was changed from DN 3612 to AK222. The bike now belongs to Mr Wood's son, David, and is on loan to the museum.


Photo 1 - Captain Tom Moore pictured on the Scott Flying Squirrel with his racing trophies – Bradford Council Handout

Photo 2 - C.H Wood scrambling on the bike at Dob Park, near Otley, West Yorkshire, in 1954 - Bradford Council's Museums and Galleries Service

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