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MXGB Interview: Official CBD UK

Friday May 29, 2020 at 11:33am
MXGB Interview: Official CBD UK
The ACU British Motocross Championship is very happy to welcome Official CBD UK on as a partner for the 2020 racing season, but what is CBD exactly? The products have gained an amazing amount of momentum recently and could benefit you, no matter what it is you do in your day-to-day life. That is what inspired an interview with the Matt Hunt of Official CBD UK. Jump in and learn! MXGB fans can enjoy a discount of ten percent on with the MXGB10 code.

MXGB: CBD products are a fairly new concept to most, but your company has dealt with them since 2015. Explain how the market has grown in recent years.

Matt Hunt: You are right: CBD products are still fairly new to lots of people and there are still many out there who have never heard of them. We have been importing CBD products from the USA for many years now and we are well known in the industry as one of the largest UK and European distributors of high-quality CBD products. 

When CBD products first started out, the range of products was extremely limited and not a lot was known about how CBD works and how to maximise the effectiveness of the products whilst keeping costs down. These days, CBD has become more well-known and there are millions of people using and benefitting from it all over the world. Scientists and manufacturers have been working hard to figure out new ways of incorporating CBD into various different products, which is why we now see CBD infused into all kinds of things such as oils, creams, vapes, tablets, drinks, sweets and so on.

Awareness of CBD products has grown massively, but there is still a long way to go. We are constantly getting positive feedback from people from all walks of life who use CBD for many different reasons. From here, the science and research will only continue to develop – we will keep learning new things about CBD and how it can benefit you in your day-to-day life.

There is understandably some confusion as people get familiar with CBD. These products are completely legal though, right? 

Yes, that is understandable. We get asked this question all the time! All of our products are 100% legal in the UK for anyone over the age of 18, and all of our products come with third-party lab reports that we keep readily available to show to anyone should they want to check that our products are legal and do not contain anything illegal or harmful.

What led you to sponsor the MXGB series for 2020? Why now? Do you personally have a background in the sport?

I have been a massive motocross fan from a very young age! I have been racing motocross bikes since I was seven years old and the sport is my life. I love everything about it. The people are awesome, plus the sport is great to watch and riding a motocross bike gives you a feeling that you cannot get from anything else. I still try to ride every single weekend and I will continue to do so for as long as I possibly can. 

Sponsoring the MXGB series is something that I have always wanted to do. It is the height of motocross in the UK, and now that CBD products have grown in demand and many more people either know of it or already use it we thought it was a good time to partner up with the ACU, promote our company and invest in the sport that we love.

What is it about CBD that would benefit motocross riders specifically? What are some of the benefits that all riders, from amateur to pro, could enjoy?

Great question. A common misconception amongst many athletes and motocross riders is that you can only benefit from CBD if you are competing at the top of the game. This could not be further from the truth. There are many people out there ranging from first-time riders all the way to seasoned veterans who could benefit from CBD. Some of the main reasons people use CBD products within the motocross community are things such as muscle/joint aches and pains, anxiety, sleep and moods.

Riding motocross is no walk in the park. After you have spent a day on a motocross bike your body is left battered – riders who use CBD products have reported that since they have started to use CBD, they have noticed faster recovery times meaning their bodies feel less achy and tired. If they are in work the next day or have another day of training, they are not feeling as rough and can put more effort into whatever they are doing. 

Anxiety is another big one. Pretty much every person suffers from anxiety to some degree and when it comes to motocross it is usually performance anxiety, which I sometimes suffer with too. When I am about to put my helmet on and go down to the gate, my heart is thumping, the nerves are all over the place and my mind is racing with all kinds of thoughts. The last thing you need is all this going on, as a motocross rider about to start a race you need to be focused and calm.

For me and for other motocross riders who use CBD products, it is said that using CBD before racing can really help with these anxiety issues and many users say they feel much more comfortable when going into a race environment thanks to CBD. Last but not least, another common reason for using CBD within motocross is for helping with sleep and moods. Getting a good night of sleep and being in a good mood is essential for a great day on the bike.

Most people have a lot of things going on in their lives and sometimes it can have an effect on how well they sleep and what mood they are in when they wake up the next day. When you get up to go riding, you need to feel positive and well rested. Users say that taking CBD products before they go to sleep helps them to relax, which in turn helps them to sleep better and keep up a positive state of mind.

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