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Sudbury MCC 4 Hour Endurothan

Wednesday March 11, 2020 at 1:59pm
Sudbury MCC 4 Hour Endurothan
With weekly storms involving terrible weather and widespread flooding the first event of the season for Sudbury was looking dubious until the weather forecast indicated a positive weather prediction. So it was full steam ahead with a brace of tractors ready if parking area was still somewhat sticky and a cautious instruction to fix towing eyes to any vehicle entering the venue.


In the end with last minute entries on the day some 81 adults and 10 youths tackled the challenging slippery course with the option to tackle it as an Ironman – on your own or as a 2 man to break up the 2 hour race with whichever team or individual achieving the most laps within 4 hours in each of the class categories declared the winner. The start proved telling as the sprint to the bikes – a Le Man start and first away from the rank of lined bikes was a fairly accurate prediction of final places and as always in these longer races fitness was the key.


The first hour proved tricky for many with much lapping of the back markers taking place as those more experienced riders set a fearsome pace skimming over the deep ruts and twisting through the wooded sections with ease, but as the sun came out and the wind dried the track to near perfect conditions those with the energy pushed through and the laps quickened. Identifying riders race numbers or kit colour through the splattered mud became almost impossible but relieved smiles once through the chequered flag showed another great event had yielded some worthy winners.


Championship 2 Man

1st Will Hughes & James Jackman with 35 Laps (no 5 & 105)

2nd Dan Willis & Jason Morland 35 Laps (no 106 & 6)

3rd Joe Phillips & Ryan Allison 34 Laps (no 94 & 104)

4th Toby Morley & Shaun Southgate 34 laps (no 103 & 3)

5th Travis Frost & Oliver Brader 32 Laps (no 107 & 7)

6th Ryan McDonnell & Jack Nicolau 25 Laps (no 102 & 2)


Expert 2 Man

1st Adam Durkin & Tom Sargent 32 Laps (no 14 & 114)

2nd Doug Lote & Edward Elkin 32 Laps (no 116 & 16)

3rd Phil Roper & Ian Parker 31 Laps (no 12 & 112)

4th Jeremy Savory & Kane Fisher 18 Laps (no 15 & 115)


Clubman 2 Man

1st Barnaby Knight & Archie Gunton 29 Laps (no 37 & 137)

2nd Josh Fullalove & Mitchell Beagrie 26 Laps (no 130 & 30)

3rd Clive Smith & Richard Squirrel 26 Laps (no 134 & 34)

4th Shaun Palfrey & Daniel Cummings 26 Laps (no 144 & 44)

5th Jake Lane & Charlie Baker 25 Laps (no 129 & 29)


Iron Man

1st Jack berry 30 laps (no 213)

2nd Oliver Macrae 26 laps (no 202)

3rd Jason Carsbolt 22 laps (no 214)

4th Frank Newington 21 laps (no 219)

5th Chris Hart 21 Laps (no 235)

6th Simon Davies 17 Laps (no 181)

7th Toby Rogers 16 Laps (no 220)

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