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Round 4 of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/ACU Eastern Enduro Championship

Tuesday June 18, 2019 at 11:35am
Round 4 of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/ACU Eastern Enduro Championship
Well it was definitely all about the Bog! And for anyone who didn’t make it in person it was certainly a spectacle! Marshalls were put to the test as much as the riders by pulling pushing and lifting bikes out of the way as the conditions changed by the minute with several early heavy downpours which made the steep sides more treacherous for anyone trying to traverse the gully either side of the track.


The rest of the track was made up of established woodland with perfect going punctuated by logs narrow turns and deadly slippery tree roots. Open farmland allowed for some speed when not taped up to create a chicane. The special test on laps 2 & 3 of the 7 laps involved some tricky ditches along the bottom field which created a few problems and sadly the wooded section caused the early retirement of Joe Phillips after a crash in the woods. Joe who was chasing Jake Ropers rear mudguard for another 1 2 finish but may have to wait for the next round at Blaxhall on the 7th July to continue that battle.


The Roper household must have celebrated a great Father’s Day as it was wins for father Phil & son Jake in the Clubman section & Expert Vets section, Roper was clearly the winning name as Jamie Roper won the championship class after a quiet few seasons recovering from injuries.




1st no 9 Jamie Roper -Sudbury Member

2nd no 4 Will Hughes -Braintree Member

3rd no 8 Myles Saunders -Sudbury Member

4th no 1 Luke Parker Norwich Vikings

5th no 3 Jason Morland - Halstead

6th no7 James Barker – Sudbury



1st no 22 Lee Whitney -Diss member

2nd no 20 Tom Sargent -Bury St Edmunds Member

3rd no 19 Daniel Smith –Lincoln Member



1st no 49 Jake Roper -Sudbury Member

2nd no 54 Jack Austin -Iford Member

3rd no 56 Joseph Hall -Sudbury Member

4th no 63 Allen Waring Whitley

5th no 68 Jo Henthorn Sudbury

6th no 52 Luke Cain TBEC


Expert Vets

1st no 35 Phil Roper -Sudbury

2nd no 33 Gavin Hockey -Sudbury

3rd no34 Lee Monger -Sudbury

4th no 36 Paul Spurgeon -Diss


Clubman Vets

1st no 96 Paul Belton-Sudbury

2nd no 100 Jason Carsbolt- Sudbury

3rd  no 95 Simon Davies-Sudbury

4th no 97 Jeff Turner Sudbury

5th no 92 Martin Gunton Sudbury

6th no 89 David Keeble Sudbury



1st no 103 Graham Mays-Sudbury

2nd no 104 Andy Mason -Sudbury

3rd no 108 Richard Squirrel –Stowmarket

4th no 101 Jez Moss Sudbury

5th no 102 Nigel Ross – Sudbury

6th no 109 Tim Ford Lowestoft



1st no 123 Kyle Betts- Diss

2nd no 120 Huw Williams -Sidcup

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