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ACU Southern Centre Trials Championship 2019

Tuesday December 11, 2018 at 4:28pm
The Southern Centre Trials Championship for 2019 will be held over 9 rounds, plus one additional Pre-65 & Twin Shock Round run by The Farnham Club.

There will be also be classes for Pre65 and Twin Shock classes at all other rounds.

The dates are:

 7th April               Bridport & Weymouth   The West Dorset

21st April              Alton                                     The Kenchington Trophy

27th April              IOW                                       IOW Two Day - Day 1

28th April              IOW                                       IOW Two Day - Day 2

 4th August          Alton                                     The Selborne Solo

 1st Sept                 Waltham Chase                The Geoff Chandler

29th Sept              Farnham                              The Phill Mellers (Pre-65 and Twin Shock)

13th October       Waltham Chase                The George Greenland

27th October       Southampton                    The Jack White

 3rd November   Ringwood                            The Perce Simon


Clubs will publish event venues and other joining instructions in The Sporting Motorcyclist, on their Club Website and on The Southern Trials Riders Facebook Page.


The Classification for the Championship are:

Expert (Solo Star Award)



Pre65-C (The George Allan Award)           

Twin Shock C

Youth A               

Youth B               

Youth C

There are no age “sub classes” in the series.

Clubs will display and brief route marking “colours” along with event supplementary instructions at the start of each Trial.

Clubs may include other classes, including “D routes”, at Championship events to cater for riders who are not competing in the Centre Championship. No Championship points will be awarded for these classes.

Entry forms for the series will clearly indicate the “Championship Classes”.

Awards will be presented for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each class. (Subject to minimum entries in the class)

For each round points will be awarded as follows:

Best Performance 20 points, then 17,15,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for 15th place in each class.

Only the first 15 finishers in each class shall be awarded points.

RuleTSR22A, “Stop Permitted”, will be used at all Centre Rounds.


Award winners and partners will be invited as complimentary guest of “The Southern Centre” to an annual Awards Presentation to receive their awards.

Clubs will endeavour to run Championship Rounds with 3 laps of 15 sections, but this is subject to the availability of Observers and the land available.

All riders taking part in the Championship are asked to provide an Observer for one round of the series.

Event notification and Results will be published in The Sporting Motorcyclist, TMX and on The Southern Trials Riders Facebook Page.

The Championship table will be updated after each event and published in the Sporting Motorcyclist and posted on The Southern Trials Riders Facebook Page.

Riders from adjoining Centres are very welcome to take part in the series.

Youth A, B, and C class riders are encouraged to take part in the series, however due to the nature of some of the venues used for the Championship there will be no Youth “E” classes.

The Championship rules will again be reviewed in November 2019, with any changes implemented for the 2020 season.

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