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The Sidecars Prepare to Roar in The Lions Den - The Sidecar Speedway GB Team Challenge

Thursday September 6, 2018 at 11:32am
The Sidecars Prepare to Roar in The Lions Den - The Sidecar Speedway GB Team Challenge
The breathtaking 1000cc sidecar speedway crews return to shale at the Paul Chapman Arena, the home of the Leicester Lions, next Saturday (September 8th). With the last round of the British Championships back in July and the Final still over a month away, both the riders and fans were desperate to see these 170bhp monsters back on the shale. So Sidecar Speedway GB have arranged a return to the scene of what was a nail-biting opening round back in May, but this time the meeting is a team event rather than the regular championship format.

The Team Challenge involves four-teams, each captained by a front-runner in this season’s championships. Team Cossar led by current British Champion Mark Cossar will go head-to-head with Team Whitelam and Team Cave, led by World Cup Finalists Paul Whitelam and Mick Cave. And the final team, Team Wilson will be led by twice British Masters champion, the well-respected Rob Wilson. 

Each captain will choose four riders plus a reserve to represent their team in what should prove a very competitive 20+ heats of wheel-to-wheel, fairing scraping action. 

If you’ve never seen sidecar speedway then make sure you add this to your diary. 1000cc, 170bhp with No Brakes…yes you did read that correctly, just as with the solos these one-litre, methanol-guzzling, shale-shifting beasts have no brakes…madness you may think, but ask any sidecar driver and most will say that brakes are dangerous. And if you think the passenger is just there to look pretty, nothing could be further than the truth. Those brave gladiators who put there trust in the guy twisting the throttle, are equally as important when it comes to steering the bike and getting the correct amount of grip. It really is a sport in which the best partnerships are the cream of an already talented group, some whom have ridden together for many seasons.

The action starts at 6.30pm with practice followed by the riders parade at 7.15pm. Tapes go up at 7.30pm and you get your first taste of one of the most exciting sights in motorsports. Four highly-tuned, screaming multi-cylindered chariots with their modern day charioteers charge into that first-bend, all wanting that best line to give them early race advantage. Someone wins that battle, then it’s up to them to keep ahead as the chasing pack stalk their prey looking for the slightest mistake or the smallest gap to appear. Four high-pressured laps with riders looking both inside and outside, searching for that extra point. 

This really is an evening not to be missed, 20 races only £10 for adults and free for under 16’s it really is great entertainment for all the family.



Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott

Matt Fumerola/Gaz Williams

Shaun Harvey/Danny Hogg

Stef Blyth/Sam Fumerola


Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth

Will Offen/Josh Russell

Tom Cossar/Wayne Rickards

Joe Mogg/Jake Cutler


Mick Cave/Bradley Steer

Will Penfold/Ryan Wharton

Nevill Penfold/Kev Jones

Simon Beaney/Gareth Bemister


Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters

Mick Stace/Roddy Stirling

Jack Penfold/Kizz Ivy

George Penfold/Ryan Barker


Clint Blondel/Kev Bennett

Kevin Lapham/James Laurie

Phillip Wynn/Adam Cowper-Smith

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