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Woffy Dane Good Yet Again

Monday July 2, 2018 at 10:59am
Woffy Dane Good Yet Again
Terrific Tai Woffinden blasted it’s “too early” to talk about the world title despite roaring to his second Grand Prix win of the season.

The Scunthorpe-born sizzler was back to his very best at a blazing hot Horsens in Denmark, winning the final from Artem Laguta and Greg Hancock.

Woffinden, 27, was at his most devastating with several clever bursts from the back in a swashbuckling display which moves him 10 points clear at the top of the standings.

He revealed: “It’s been a good event, the track was pretty gnarly late on. I said yesterday if the track’s gnarly I’ll love it because I feel like I come into my own when the track’s really rough. It’s separates the boys from the men.

“All in all a great night. Thanks to all the fans for giving me a good cheer especially the British fans that are out here. That one’s for you Rylee.

“It’s a 10-point lead. But it’s only 10 points and it’s too early to be worrying about the championship.

“I just watched them carry the trophy over here and I want my name on it at the end of the year.”

Woffy overtook Freddie Lindgren at the top of the standings after the Swede endured a disappointing night, missing out on the semi-finals.

The former Wolves No.1 touched the tapes in one race and then saw his semi place snatched away when Woffinden passed him on the last lap of the qualifying heats.

Woffinden added: “It’s obviously nice to win Grand Prix rounds. The most important thing for me is that I’m consistent throughout the night and scoring points. All those points add up at the end of the year.

“The ultimate goal is obviously to be world champion. The track was tricky today. The rougher these tracks get the more I enjoy them.

“I hope Cardiff is a bit rough and we’ll see where we go from there!

“Sweden is next and it’s usually quite slick but I’m sure they’ll work hard on it to make it fair for everybody.

“Massive thanks to my sponsors and everyone at home, loads of love to Faye and Rylee and can’t wait to see you in a few days.”

WD40 Horsens Grand Prix result:
Tai Woffinden 18, Artem Laguta 12, Greg Hancock 16, Jason Doyle 12, Nicki Pedersen 12, Emil Sayfutdinov 11, Bartosz Zmarzlik 10, Chris Holder 9, Fredrik Lindgren 7, Patryk Dudek 6, Matej Zagar 5, Maciej Janowski 5, Przemyslaw Pawlicki 5, Michael Jepsen Jensen 4, Martin Vaculik 3, Craig Cook 2.

Championship standings top 10 after three rounds:
1.Tai Woffinden 49
2.Fredrik Lindgren 39
3.Emil Sayfutdinov 34
4.Artem Laguta 33
5.Greg Hancock 31
6.Patryk Dudek 30
7.Maciej Janowski 29
8.Jason Doyle 26
9.Chris Holder 24
10.Bartosz Zmarzlik 23

Article: Phil Lanning - Picture: Daniel Sievers

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