New Competition: The Rookie Champion of Brands

Wednesday March 7, 2018 at 4:44pm
New Competition: The Rookie Champion of Brands
The Bemsee Club is going to mark the passing of our "Eternal Rookie" this season with the introduction of a new trophy aimed at our new Rookie 600 & 1000 riders.

Mick Whalley ended up being a Rookie at Bemsee over the course of three years. Each year he had a dreadful time with bike problems and never completed more than two rounds each season - hence he became our Eternal Rookie. We lost Mick in April last year when he went along with a couple of mates to have a go at the Tri-Options Cup at BSB and sadly lost his life in an accident at Donington.

To mirror a long-standing Championship at Bemsee we're going to introduce a Rookie version of the Champion of Brands - riders competing for the Mick Whalley Memorial Trophy over the whole season.

Riders in both Rookie 600 and Rookie 1000 classes are eligible for this competition. We will add all of the points scored from all the class races at every Brands round through 2018 for each rider. The winner will be highest points total from all three Brands rounds, two on the Indy and one on the GP and will be crowned with the trophy at our last Brands round in October.

We're grateful to Micks girlfriend, Kayleigh and his friends for putting up the funds for this trophy which we feel is a worthy reminder of his determination and persistence to succeed.

Rookies have a lot to go for then in 2018 as at our first Brands round in March they will also be competing for two other trophies…The Vince Fox Memorial Trophy and the Ron & Bill Collins Memorial Trophy for Rookie 600 and Rookie 1000 respectively. Each awarded to the best performance in each class on the first day of our new season at Brands.

Along with the recent announcement of significant sponsorship for Rookie 600 & 1000 at Bemsee from L&W Contractors this makes the 2018 season at Bemsee the place to be for new riders to our sport.

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