Speedway - Fixture Launch After Clubs Talk

Wednesday January 24, 2018 at 2:40pm
Speedway - Fixture Launch After Clubs Talk
British Speedway bosses have worked together to ensure rider availability is at maximum levels next season.

With designated race nights for the Premiership and Championship, promoters have co-operated with each other like never before to ensure teams are at full strength.

It’s a move which has been welcomed by everyone throughout the sport and British Speedway Promoters’ Association vice chairman Rob Godfrey is delighted.

He said: “We’ve done the fixtures slightly different this year. We all sat around a table to work between the two leagues to try and avoid clashes.

“It was mainly because of Swindon needing to do some Thursdays at the Abbey because of stadium availability issues, they can’t run on Wednesdays there.

“I’m pleased to say clubs like Redcar, Ipswich and Sheffield co-operated with Swindon and it appears to have worked out well.

“In addition, on Good Friday Poole and Somerset wanted to do meetings and because of doubling-up issues I have made the decision to stage my opening meeting at Scunthorpe on Sunday April 1.”

To view the SGB Premiership and Championship fixtures go to www.speedwaygb.co and via the 'Fixtures' tab then select each month of the season.

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